Are you an author (or want to be author) who deals with writer’s block? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.
In answer to the challenge of writer’s block, John F. Harnish aka John Franklin wrote a fabulous book called Busting Writer’s Block.
In addition to his insights John compiled insights from dozens of other experts on the topic of overcoming writer’s block,
Following is my contribution.
In the years I have been mentoring authors one of the greatest challenges is writer’s block. A great way to overcome writer’s block is to think beyond what you are writing to why you are writing.
How will your words impact your readers? How will what you are sharing improve the quality of one’s personal or professional life?
The blocks a writer experiences are often based on ego. When we can get out of our head and into the heart of our message the blocks will be minimized.
A great way to move from the head to the heart is take a few minutes before you sit down to write to get centered. Visualize yourself as a channel of the message you carry.
Regardless of what genre you write in you are the messenger. It is when we think we ARE the message the blocks seem to appear.
The talent of writing is a gift we have been given. It has been said that our talents are a gift from God. What we do with our talent is our gift to God.