Find joint venture (JV) partners with big mailing lists, slap an email message together, have all JV partners send it out on the same date and presto! You are a bestselling author.
Garbage! That’s exactly what the previous statement is. It’s garbage.
As someone who has been involved in dozens upon dozens of online book launches I have heard every description of what an online launch is and is not. Sadly, many people are completely in the dark when it comes to what creating and implementing a successful launch is all about.
Rather than digging deep to find out what a systematized book launch entails there is a lot of judgment based on lack of information.
Granted, I have put out promotional information with a subject line that reads, “Discover How Any Book Can Become an Online Bestseller” which has attracted thousands of people interested in learning how to do a successful launch.

As anyone who understands marketing will likely agree the first line of your promotional material is the primary attention grabber. Read the line again. “Discover How Any Book Can Become an Online Bestseller.”
The key word is “can”. Although I do believe virtually any book “can” become a bestseller, this hardly means that all books “will” become bestsellers by a simple 1-2-3 method.
It does mean that with a strategic marketing plan you can rise on the online bookstore charts such as Amazon or B&N. But to think it takes only one simple message sent out by a bunch of people with big lists is so far removed from the truth it would be laughable if it weren’t so misleading to authors who aspire to make a great living from their writing.
I can assure you it takes more than shooting out an email by a bunch of people who could care less about the outcome of the book launch.
What it takes is far more involved. Here are just a handful of the many aspects of a successful book launch:
1. A good book
2. Effective sales copy
3. A dedicated blog
4. Systemized social media marketing
5. Media releases
6. Marketing partners
7. Radio interviews
8. Article marketing
9. Bloggers who will join in a blog tour
10. Vision
11. Persistence
So if you think a successful book launch is simply about one or two emails being sent out on a certain day think again. And if you think doing nothing will make you a bestselling author definitely think again.