Trends come and go. One day something’s hot, the next it’s not. Lately there’s been talk by millions of people about the law of attraction; think about what you want and it will manifest. Every month millions of dollars are spent on books, CDs, seminars, trainings and coaching sessions teaching the law of attraction or some version of it.
One would wonder if the information contained in these resources actually works. One might wonder what types of people subscribe to the law of attraction? And one might wonder if people are using the information solely for their personal life or are they applying it to business?
Is the law of attraction a fad or will it be around for some time to come? A better question might be, “when did people first learn of the law of attraction?”

The fact is, for some people it is a fad. For others it has become a way of life for years. A little research will quickly validate that the essence of the law of attraction has been around for thousands of years.
What’s missing?
I began studying the subject more than thirty years ago. Although not called the law of attraction, the resources I found dealt with the premise of “your thoughts become things.” As I look back, one thing missing in many of the books, CDs and seminars I attended was the fact that beyond thinking about something, taking action on my thoughts is essential. I also had to believe I deserved what I was asking for. And, it had to be my vision, not someone else’s.
For some it works!
I have met countless successful professionals who use the law of attraction to build their business and create a very happy life. These are people whose net worth is in the millions, they have a happy marriage or relationship, are in great health, overall they are very content and they are genuinely nice people.
I also know plenty of people who struggle with how to make the law of attraction work for them. No doubt those who flounder ask themselves if the ability to attract what they want is true or is it a bunch of baloney?
It can be both depending on who you ask. Are you asking someone who has read a book, tried something once, given up and then said it doesn’t work? Or are you asking someone who has successfully applied the attraction principles as a way of life?
Consider this….
In order for the law of attraction to work you must first be clear on what you want. For example, highly successful business people are clear on what they want to see become a reality in their business. They think about it, write about it, talk about it, plan it and become very, very aware of it.
By determining what you want to happen with your business you create a high level of awareness. However, awareness alone is not a formula for success. You must also be willing to take action.
This is where many people seem to misinterpret what the law of attraction actually is. One client I have been working with for over a year is a master at applying the principles to his professional as well as personal life.
Not new to this way of thinking, he began studying the power of thoughts over 30 years ago. By applying attraction principles to all areas of his life he has built one of the most successful dental practices in the United States, will soon be celebrating 35 years of marriage, is in top physical shape in his late 50’s, has a deeply spiritual life, recently released his first book and became an bestseller in early March.
Dr. Joe Capista will be the first to tell you he keeps his vision clear, takes daily action, watches his self-talk and accepts that some things take time to materialize. He contends that giving up is what most people do before they experience what is possible through the law of attraction. His new book contains detailed information of how he applied this information to create a life that took him from a struggling student, growing up in an average blue-collar neighborhood to becoming wildly successful.
So how does this apply to you? Think about your daily conversations. On the one hand do you say, “I want to increase revenues by $xx amount” and then on the other hand talk about how hard times are? Many people do. Then they wonder why they can’t seem to move forward. Or if they do, before long they are backsliding. They’re conversation is in direct opposition to their goals.
The opening quote in Dr. Joe Capista’s book is, “You can have anything in life you want if you want it badly enough and are willing to pay the price.” Click here
What is the price you are willing to pay to build the life you want?
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