Unless someone has been living under a rock, they have heard that blogging is essential to one’s online presence. It is the cornerstone for countless individuals and companies to communicate with their market, build visibility and credibility and keep their information fresh.
Unfortunately, many people start their blogosphere involvement with a bang and within a short period of time all but abandon their efforts thus leaving yet another potentially good, maybe even great, blog fall by the wayside.
One of the greatest challenges is to come up with interesting ideas for their posts. The other is time. Time is likely to be one of the most frustrating challenges. And yet, my colleagues, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad, say there is an easy way to post on a regular basis.

The following comes out of a recent post by the Blog Squad on one of their many blogs.
Since one of the most common complaints among our clients is “I don’t have enough time to blog!” I’m experimenting with speed blogging this week. Everything I post will be done in under 30 minutes, to prove it can be done. (This post will be done in under 20 minutes because I want to get out the door and onto the tennis courts…!)
How to do this:

  1. Keep a notepad open and when you have an idea for post, write down the main points
  2. Keep a list of links that are relevant to the post, any other sites, places you visited where the topic was discussed, books you read, etc.

To read the entire post to to http://www.buildabetterblog.com/2008/06/speed-blogging.html
Once you get into a routine of blogging it becomes much, much easier and just a part of doing “business as usual.”
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer