Watching someone live their passion can be one of the most incredible experiences ever.
Recently, I had just such an opportunity when I attended Cavalia with my dear one.
The performance was incredible, the VIP lounge amazing and the show beyond compare.

What the audience didn’t see is what goes on in between the shows; rehearsals, lessons, instruction and mentoring.
In virtually any industry excellence takes hard work, commitment, and time. The excellence the 2.000 plus men and women in the audience enjoyed watching the connection between the horses and performers didn’t happen by chance. It happened over time and with a ton of commitment.
It’s the same with any passion one has who desires to turn the passion into their livelihood. One will never know their greatest potential until they literally put in the time, effort and commitment. To think otherwise is the wisdom of fools.
Yet, so many people are misguided in thinking they don’t have to work for what they want. Or if something is a passion they need do nothing more than have the desire and all will fall into place with no effort on their part.
If anyone has that formula for achievement with no effort I would be interested in learning what it is. My experience in the decades I have been cultivating, grooming, growing and expressing my passion is that it takes work. This does not mean it has to be a drudgery.
Actually, just the opposite is the case. But it does take work. No two ways about it.
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