If you’re an author, you need to do all you can to gain visibility. Yet, most authors do nothing. They leave their success to chance. Chance is not a strong companion for your success. Focus and planning is.

Do something every day

Not a day goes by that I don’t do something to increase my visibility in front of my ideal readers. This is an ongoing process and requires daily action. It also requires testing, analyzing and adjusting as needed.
Beyond posting memes and quotes for your family and friends on Facebook, what are you doing to gain visibility? Are you clear on what social network is the best fit to reach potential readers and build a community of raving fans?
If not, put time into understanding the various networks based on the genre of your book, the type of people you want to reach and who would be interested in what you have to say.


Over the years, I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times on podcast and radio shows. Many of the hosts have invited me back more than once. This is something agents and publishers look for in an author.
Don’t overlook the power of podcast and radio interviews to rapidly grow your platform. Rather than taking a “throw a bunch of mud on the wall” approach, be very clear on which shows are a great fit for your message.


Before seeking out opportunity, put together a few simple documents.

  • Expert one sheet
  • Interview request overview
  • List of shows to approach

The Get Booked on Dozens of Podcast Shows  FREE checklist shows you these items and more.

Expert one sheet

An Expert One Sheet, also known as a Speaker One Sheet, is a one to two page document that explains your expertise, topics and other pertinent information. To convey yourself in a positive light, invest in having the document professionally designed.

Interview request overview

This is a simple document that you can add the content into the body of an email to inquire about interview opportunities.

List of shows to approach

To save time with outreach, put a list of targeted shows to approach. You will be more productive if you approach several at once.
To assure you don’t send multiple requests to one host, keep a spreadsheet of everything you do.

Find Podcast Opportunities

To get the most out of your writing efforts, put time aside to seek out interview opportunities.
Not sure how to go about finding opportunities, knowing how to prepare for a show, or what to do following your appearance?
Access my FREE checklist for Podcast Interviews. This is a brand new resources and yours at no cost.