Have you ever had reality hit you smack dab in the face yet chose to deny it.
A quick look around would indicate virtually everyone has done this at some point or another.
The fact is we may know there are changes we should make to live a more quality life, but don’t. We often postpone taking the initiative to make the change because the thought of the change is more painful than continuing a behavior that may not be serving us at the highest level.
This thought came to me as a result of a discussion with a friend who is a nutritionist.  We were discussing the health choices (or lack thereof) people make.
A mutual acquaintance is in dire need of lifestyle changes. Changes that may be the difference between life and death. Yet, our acquaintance is not taking the necessary steps to make the change.
When I asked our acquaintance what his behaviors were costing him he rattled off things like energy, lack of focus at work, not feeling good about himself and the looming threat of long-term disability.
I then asked him what it would take to live a healthier lifestyle? He was quick to respond that changing his eating habits and incorporating exercise into his daily schedule. Just as quickly as he rattled off the solution he gave reasons why now is not the best time for him to make any changes.
With the very real threat of longterm disability looming this gentleman is not willing (at this point) to admit the truth and make much needed changes.
Makes me wonder what it will take, if anything, for him to do things differently.
Sadly, there are things we all know we would benefit from changing, but for our own reasons we don’t.
I speak from my own experience.  For years I had very destructive behaviors that ended me up broke, homeless and helpless. I was in my twenties at the time.
It wasn’t until I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I began the road to a better way of life.
The fact is, we may know we need to make changes yet for any number of reasons we don’t. A primary reason may be we somehow feel safer doing what is familiar (even though it may be deadly) than getting out of our comfort zone to make the change.
The bottom-line is we have more control over the quality of our life than many people care to admit. After all, it’s in this admission we can no longer live the lie. It’s in the denial we can blame outside forces for why our lives may not be where we want them to be.
Do you live with any level of denial of what you need to do to have a better quality of life? Whether it be to do with your health, your finances, emotional or spiritual well-being, your business or job, or any area that is not where you desire it to be – is there an immanent change you need to make?
The first step is to decide what it is you want. Then you must take intentional action that moves you closer to your desire with each passing day.
As a quick fix, instant gratification society we may get discouraged when the results we desire don’t happen immediately.
The fact is, whatever needs repair likely didn’t get in the shape it is in overnight. Nor will it be fixed overnight.
However, if one takes daily action toward your vision you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly things do change.
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