Does the food we eat contribute to our spiritual well-being? Is food “soulful?” Can you change your relationship to energy based on the foods you eat?

These questions and more are part of the conversation I had with Chef Lauren D’Agostino.



Chef Lauren D’Agostino helps veg-curious and plant-passionate people fall in love with plant-based food and living.

Offering in-home catering services for intimate groups and wellness retreats, she infuses fun, familiarity, and high-vibrations of love, joy, and gratitude – and often essential oils – into her gourmet menus.

When she’s not in her kitchen cooking, she’s in the virtual kitchen, teaching self-conscious and intimidated cooks the plant-based fundamentals so they can master the intuitive bliss of healthy and flavorful meals in the day-to-day.

A free-spirited and curious adventure seeker, astrology lover, intuitive yogi, high-vibe community builder, and happiness junkie, Lauren takes a holistic and fun-loving approach to plant-based living, both on and off the plate.



Chef Lauren began her vegan journey when she was in college.

At the time she was very into sustainability and realized becoming vegan was in alignment with her soul.

Once she started her journey into a vegan lifestyle, it was impossible to go backward.

The first time she went vegan, she felt she had the wrong approach. Then she connected her spirituality to being vegan.

Her life took a turn into a higher level of awareness. She became aware of the ethical side of being vegan including animal ethics.

Chef Lauren believes that being vegan is about being in tune with her inner wisdom. She describes what she does with food as “Soul Cheffing.” In essence it is tapping into one’s essence through food.

According to Chef Lauren, it’s virtually impossible to tap into one’s purpose when they are filled with processed foods. To fully understand the power of energy and our food, it is suggested to give up all processed foods.

The more plant based, whole foods you consume, the higher your energetic vibration. Processed sugar is one of the lowest vibrational substances you are subjected to.

To increase your chances at a healthy life, eliminate all processed sugar and processed foods from your diet. Stick with foods that are completely void of animal and dairy while increasing foods that are whole and plant based.


Cost Effective Eating


Many people mistakenly believe that eating vegan is very expensive. Actually, the opposite is true.

The most expensive products for most people come from the meat and fish products. The least expensive is beans and legumes.

You can swap your protein from meat to beans and legumes. It is also about choosing a lighter, cleaner protein.


Kitchen Confidence Coaching


Chef Lauren loves working with people who are interested in learning about plant-based eating. Although not all her clients are 100% plant-based, she’s open to helping them transition to this way of eating if that is their goal.

She shows her clients that eating plant based does not have to be expensive.

Her mission is to get more plants onto more plates at a pace that works for her clients.

Chef Lauren offers the following:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Virtual cooking classes
  • Batch cooking lessons
  • Plant based retreats
  • Corporate gatherings


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