Claudia Ganswind has made it her mission to raise awareness about the benefits of a plant-based diet.



Never one to really enjoy eating meat, Claudia is a German-Italian raw food chef who became vegan in the year 2000. Starting out as a raw food chef, Claudia found she enjoyed various types of plant-based eating.

As a child, Claudia’s father continually tried to convince her that she needed to eat meat and eggs in order to grow and be healthy, but deep inside, she knew this was not who she was.


Connection Between Meat and Animal Cruelty


She made the connection between meat on her plate and animal cruelty very early in her life, but it was not until years later she made the lifestyle commitment to become vegan.

Although Claudia started as a vegetarian, she fully committed to her vegan journey when her two sisters became vegan and educated her about what veganism was actually about. 



Similarly, thanks to a vegan chef at a vegetarian festival, she was also informed on how animals are treated and how nature is suffering because of factory farming.  Soon after, she became vegan for the love of animals and the earth. 

Likewise, her sisters showed her how to create delicious (raw) vegan dishes as well as teaching herself to create wonderful dishes.  Her passions include creating raw vegan dishes, eating healthy and creating a sense of well-being.

Her passion for raw food vegan motivated Claudia to write, Raw Vegan Wellness Kitchen. (Available on Amazon

Currently, Claudia does what she can to promote a healthy vegan diet. In Germany, there is a lot of support for veganism.

Claudia has lived in many countries such as Taiwan, Canada, France and Spain. Along the way, she has worked in vegan restaurants such as Loving Hut and Gorilla Foods. (Vegan Wellbeing – Raw Vegan Chef)