“Processed food is processed food. When you eat crap, you feel like crap.”

Women around the globe are dealing with hormonal changes due to menopause. Changes that wreak havoc on their lives. With emotions up and down, weight gain, brain fog and more, many women have resigned themselves to this way of life.



Yet, there are women like Claudia Kaldenbach, who are on a mission to help women experiencing the impact of menopause to lose weight, so they feel happier full of energy, have more confidence, and feel in control of their lives.

She does this by teaching them about the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based, vegan diet.


She Walks the Talk


Within a couple months of going vegan, Claudia lost nearly 20 pounds. But she soon realized it wasn’t just about losing weight, it was about doing it in a healthy way.

That’s when Claudia committed to learning as much as possible about how to eat a healthy whole food, plant based vegan protocol. One that would not only let her release unwanted, and unhealthy, weight, but also get her zest for life back.

Little did she know this would open the next chapter of her life; working with menopausal women who also wanted to feel, look and be their best.

Coming to us from the Netherlands, it wasn’t until the pandemic shutdowns that Claudia felt she now had time to focus on her health like never before.


There Had to Be an Easier Way


Before the pandemic, Claudia worked long hours with her business where she owned and managed a holiday house that accommodates up to four families including children. Starting with a bed and breakfast, it made more sense to turn it into a group facility. Due to the long hours she worked to maintain the popular facility, she didn’t spend time on her health.


When the shutdowns and restrictions were put in place, Claudia knew this was a great opportunity to focus on her health.

It didn’t take long for Claudia to realize she needed to focus on healthy foods, rather than simply exchanging one unhealthy food with a vegan choice that was equally unhealthy.

She’ll be the first to say, “Processed food is processed food. When you eat crap, you feel like crap.”

She continued to eat chips and junk foods and knew this was restricting her desired transformation. Yet, she struggled with knowing which foods were best.

Once she made the decision to put health first, everything changed. Having lost her father to brain cancer and her mother to breast cancer, Claudia realized it was up to her to focus on her health.

Claudia and her daughter began a 50-day protocol to get on track with plant-based eating. Although she did feel better and lose weight, she felt it was too time consuming and restrictive. Claudia wanted a protocol that was easy to follow and didn’t take hours to prepare meals.


Her Life Work Shifted


By changing her diet, Claudia released the need for high-blood pressure medicine that she had been taking for 30 years. When the reality hit that she simply accepted taking medication as what her life would be like, she also realized she kept pushing her standard for what was acceptable further down.

Whether it was a small weight gain, lack of energy or brain fog, she, like many women, accepted this as “business as usual.”

Recognizing that overall health for a great many people is on the decline, Claudia committed to learn all she could about healthy eating. As she regained her health, other women wanted to know what they could do.

Claudia didn’t realize how much changing her eating would impact her desire to help other women. Especially women dealing with menopause.


Seduction of Food


Food is designed to seduce us. We consume it without thinking through what we are putting into our bodies. To take control, it’s important to understand how we are conditioned to simply put food in our mouths with little thought to how it impacts us.

Claudia recommends you plan your meals so you do not find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator wondering what you will grab that’s handy.

When you shop, think in terms of what foods are your “lower the bar” foods. The type that you find yourself giving in to even though you know they are not good for you.

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