When you began your coaching business you likely did so because you want to make a difference in the lives of your clients. Being able to be a positive force for others is what drives most coaches.
Yet, many are struggling to build their business. It really doesn’t have to be this way when you see this as The Summer of Action.
Action to grow your coaching business…. to build the business and lifestyle you intend for yourself… to get your message out to the world in bigger ways… and to help more people.
Although most coaches know they need to move forward, many get stuck. There are plenty of reasons why with one being not knowing exactly what to do.
If you are stalled in growing your business, unsure of what to do next or just confused with all the possibilities and stretched for time to get it all done, you need to hear about the Summer Action School for Coaches.
Join the ranks of successful coaches who know exactly how to market their businesses to full advantage – easily and quickly.  One of the factors that can make the biggest difference is to have a powerful mentor to show you the way.  The Easy Biz Telesummit:  Summer Action School for Coaches will introduce you to 12 such experienced coaches. In one intense week, these coaching business experts are going share their best ideas for how to EASILY stay in action – all the best tactics no matter what your stage in business.
This “Summer School” will be in session from July 9th to the 13th and it could be the best “class” you have ever taken to teach you how to build your business and attract all the well-paying clients that you need.
On the Easy Biz Telesummit you will learn from Alicia Forest, Michael Charest, David Steele and even Marcia Bench who practically created career coaching.  Those are just some of the 12 experts who will be sharing their best strategies to getting past your own blocks and start getting more clients, more sales and more income.  It’s rare that this many of the top business leaders in coaching join together to focus on your success.  It’s an event you WON’T want to miss!
You’ll want to see the full line up of 12 coaches who are business experts and get your seat right away.  Don’t miss this Summer Action School dedicated to making YOUR life and business easier… sign up now!