Most Business Coaches choose coaching because they get to make a direct and immediate impact on other people’s businesses. They feel great satisfaction in helping their clients to achieve their goals and it truly lights them up.
Most coaches I talk to say they want to write a book, but because of time constraints they don’t.
They feel like they are in handcuffs with all the demands on their day.
The problem I see, again and again, is that these coaches end up creating a demanding and stressful job for themselves with days filled with back-to-back-to-back coaching calls, lots of emails and paperwork, following up with clients, and chasing new ones. They realize that “success” means having a calendar so filled that it looks like they are back in their jobs that they hated.
This compounds and they lose their motivation to do the three things they need to do to get to the next level:

  1. Getting visibility and credibility through their content so they can reach new potential clients, partners, and publicity opportunities.
  2. Creating multiple streams of income so they can scale their earning beyond the 1 to 1 and even take vacations and holidays.
  3. Writing “the book.”

We know that being consistent with blogging, sending emails to our leads, being active on social media, creating videos – all adds up to a lot of great visibility. It opens doors.
Plus, we know that creating workshops, ecourses, and group coaching programs can help you go from $40k a year to six figures and beyond a year, equating to a great monthly income.
But the problem is, again, is time.
Blogging takes time.
Creating content for group coaching takes time.
Putting together a complete workshop or ecourse takes time – especially when you take into account the sales pages, emails, and other launch copy that you need.
Here’s the thing though.
There are some ideas that you may not be aware of.

  1. Smart coaches outsource the parts of their content production that they either aren’t skilled at doing, are skilled at doing but are putting it off, or just don’t want to do it. If you love creating content and can talk all day, then record audio or video and hire someone to syndicate it all over the internet including social media. Have a content repurposing genie in a bottle that you can tap every time you create something new.
  2. If you don’t feel like much of an expert yet, you can always create a win-win with those who are. Interviews are an easy way to tap into this. Create a podcast or do a series of Facebook lives featuring experts. There are literally countless ways to do this.

There is one other secret way to shortcut your content creation.
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