Uncertainty is looming over the heads of many coaches at this time. Men and women everywhere are literally being stopped in their tracks. The more uncertainty, the more likely it is that fear will take over.
As Shakespeare famously wrote in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
When we stay in uncertainty, there is a greater chance to see present circumstances only as bad rather than a great opportunity to increase productivity.
With many people finding they have a lot of “free” time on their hands, this is a great time to lay a solid foundation for your coaching business.

Coaches are Desperately Needed 

If one is a life coach, now more than ever, is the time to increase your work in the world.
If you are a health and nutrition coach, same thing. Lifestyle changes are needed to help people feel more in control of their health.
Financial coach? Same thing. With the uncertainty people are feeling around their finances, your work is needed by so many.
What about a parenting coach? Without a doubt, there is a need for your work in the world. Parents are dealing with situations that were almost unthinkable a few weeks ago.
Then there is organizational coaches. What a great time to teach your clients (and soon to be clients) how to use their downtime to organize their space, thus organizing their mind.
And the list goes on. Coaches are needed now more than ever.

Use Time Wisely

How you use your time determines your ability to grow your business or be stopped in your tracks. Regardless of what industry you’re in, now is a great time to get things in order in your business to more fully be prepared for opportunities that present themselves.
To get the most out of these unfolding times, plan your success. To do so, implement the following steps.

  1. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Sure, right now, from day to day, there is a lot of change. Yet, with a focus on action steps to achieve an outcome, you will likely stay out of negative thinking and accomplish better outcomes.
  2. Stay hydrated. You might be wondering what that has to do with coaching, but if you are not hydrated, your focus and energy will drop. Track your water consumption to assure you are hydrated. Hydration also helps with stress.
  3. Eat healthy. Now is a great time to determine what needs to change in your diet. This is not about going on a diet. It’s about making sure your actual diet (your day to day food consumption) is such that it supports you in a positive way during what can be very stressful times. By eating healthy you will minimize your stress triggers. To learn more about healthy eating, visit www.PlantBasedEatingForHealth.com
  4. Connect with clients, friends, family and colleagues. Set a goal of how many people you can connect with simply to check in with them. Although we are “social distancing” we can still stay connected by phone, Zoom or social media. Use your time wisely to connect just to check in.
  5. Manage your time wisely. Organize your day in a way that you are in your office during the times that your energy is the highest. Many people are working from home for an indefinite period of time. Rather than mindlessly let time pass, hoping things will go back to the way they were, act as if this is the way things will be for months to come. Making this one change in your mindset will change your level of commitment to giving 100% to today in your business.

A huge time consumer are the forms you need to get in place in your business.
In answer to this, Coach Glue is offering a FREE New Client Kit. This kit is designed to save you countless hours of preparation in order that you can use the time to connect with potential clients.

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The bottom line is that the bottom line is up to you. What you do today will reap benefits tomorrow.