Eat this. Don’t eat that. High fat diets work. Low carb diets don’t.

Wait. Low carb diets work. High fat is bad for you.

A glass of wine a day will improve your health. Absolutely no alcohol is the rule of thumb.

Wait!!!!!! What’s the truth? Well, it depends.

There are so many different opinions on what is healthy regarding weight loss, vibrancy, energy and overall great health.

The reality is, what might be bad for one person actually my not be bad for another.

Too Many to Count

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of diet protocols. You name it, I’ve likely tried it. When all is said and done, what I’ve learned is this; healthy eating, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, good supplementation and mindset is the key to it all.

Yet, even with what we assume to be healthy eating may not be. For example, one person may find they do quite well by eating almonds. Someone else can actually be allergic to almonds and eating them can cause severe allergic reactions.

There are plenty of people who have an allergic reaction to dairy products while others don’t.

So how do you determine what’s good for you to eat and what will affect you negatively?

Research and testing. This can take time. Yet, this can be the difference to feeling so/so to feeling great. Only you can decide if it’s worth the effort. For me, it is.

The Elimination Diet

Recently, one of my running buddies started The Elimination Diet. She said she was feeling better than she had in a long-time and directly credits The Elimination Diet.

An elimination diet, also known as exclusion diet, is a method of identifying foods that an individual cannot consume without adverse effects.

There are three phases to the protocol.

After careful evaluation, a ton of research and a desire to continually improve my health, vibrancy and energy, I decided to try The Elimination Diet.

I’ve already identified two foods that I have an allergic reaction to. I’ve also experienced some of the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’m sleeping more soundly, longer and waking feeling incredibly refreshed.

The sleep benefit took 4 days to occur, but since then, it’s been consistent.

Is The Elimination Diet for you? I don’t know. What I do know is this; before trying anything do your homework.

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