The last few days have been darned crazy. Due to extreme rains and the release of water from a lake upstream, the rivers have been rising to the point of flood conditions.

As a result, not only did we have to take our horses to higher ground, we were ordered to evacuate from our home.

It’s been enough to cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Yet, due to my commitment of eating a healthy plant-based diet, I realize I’ve had very minimal agitation or anxiety.

I’m convinced this has to do with the fact I am eating 100% plant based.

The Past Does Not Equal the Future

In the past, I would have done a lot of comfort eating. The situation would have been all the reason I needed to chow down on donuts, cookies, sugar laden candy bars and other incredibly unhealthy foods.

Today, I choose to be more conscious of my choices which results in the ability to respond to stressful situations in a very non-stressful way. It’s really quite simple. Not always easy, but simple.

Otherwise known as comfort eating, chowing down junk food to stuff emotions is one of the biggest reasons for unhealthy weight gain. Weight gain that is directly responsible for diseases that are otherwise preventable.

Plant Based Comfort Eating

Is there such a thing as plant-based comfort foods? Absolutely. A quick Google search brought up several posts of various recipes for “comfort food.”

Everything from spaghetti, chili, squash and various recipes for potatoes. Yum.

What I love most about eating plant based is how much more conscious I am about what I’m consuming. Rather than mindlessly stuffing my face, I’m thinking through the ingredients of any menus I’m preparing for my food consumption.

Sugar Hangover Be Gone!

When I woke this morning, I didn’t have a sugar hangover like in the past. Rather, I woke up clear-minded, ready to tackle the day and deal with whatever mother nature brings my way.

When I think of the kind of comfort foods I eat today, I have to smile. Tempeh tacos are tasty, fulfilling and bring me comfort, but not all the terrible feelings that come with garbage foods.

It’s the same with a plate of sweet potatoes or yams, vegetables, Portobello mushrooms and raw nuts. Tasty, comforting and extremely healthy.

All I know is this; I’m grateful I’m not eating mindlessly during what are actually very stressful times. I’m grateful that I can comfort eat, the whole while doing something good for my mind, body and soul. I’m grateful I’m staying the course due to not feeling the addiction to foods I felt in the past.

Most of all, I’m grateful for the choice I made nearly seven months ago to put my health above my emotions.

Simply put…I’m grateful. Are you?