I just finished reading a book filled with good information, but nothing significant stood out in the content.
Actually, much of what I read I’ve read in countless other books.
Truth be told, just about any Law of Attraction, inspirational and/or motivational writer could have put their name to it and it would be good.
And therein lies the problem. It’s good, but not great. What would have made it great is for the author to have added in his unique personality. He could have told stories that are uniquely his. Stories that support points he made throughout the book.
Otherwise the book is a big, “So what? Who really cares?”
The challenge today is there are so many people who do the same thing and if you don’t do something to stand out from the crowd you get lost in the shuffle.
Regardless of whether you’re an author, speaker, coach or consultant there’s a strong possibility you are blending in and are considered one among many.
Don’t let this happen.
There are pros and cons to standing out. As there are pros and cons to blending in. Personally, I would rather have my personality and quirkiness stand out as opposed to simply blending in.
The challenge with blending in is that you become a commodity rather than someone people are willing to jump through hoops to work with. And yet, when you blend in, you have less of a risk of being criticized and judged.
The challenge with standing out is that you will be judged and you will be criticized, but you also create raving fans. Raving fans are loyal, go the distance with you and highly respect what you do.
Whatever you do, put your own unique signature on it. Avoid doing what this easily forgettable author did; make his work so vanilla that few people (if any) will know what he stands for.
What is it that makes you different than everyone else doing what you do? Post comments in the box provided.
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