I began a very joy-filled day with a one hour plus power walk. What I love most about my walks is having the time to clear my head and acknowledge all I have to be grateful for.
One thing I’m most grateful for is how conscious entrepreneurs are emerging on the business horizon. Millions of men and women are making their mark in business like never before.
Although many people are just beginning to notice the change others have been aware of this change for decades. A huge shift occurred in the 80’s. Entrepreneurs were merging their spiritual beliefs into their business practices.
Corporations are also joining in this shift. Prior to this there was a lot of focus on how much a company could acquire on a material level, often to the detriment of employees, customers and society at large.
During the time the Enrons, WorldComs and other such entities were getting away with highway robbery and destroying the financial well being of countless numbers of people, there was a movement underway of men and women who said, “Enough is enough! This is not the way to run a business.”
With a high level of integrity and concern for the well being of others, the shift in business began. Men and women who had worked under the leadership of those with unscrupulous values chose to either join companies in alighnment with their own conscious business values or start their own businesses.
The old adage, “You should be happy to have a job!” no longer works. It’s not just about having a job, it’s about living our purpose. It’s about knowing that one person can make a difference by virtue of the fact of how they conduct themselves on a daily basis.
What is your experience with conscious business?
Comments welcome.
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