I have been on a journey of self-improvement, self-development, enlightenment, etc., for decades. What I have come to realize is this; the foundation of all I do is based on what I consume in mind, body and soul.

When I consume foods that nourish my body to a cellular level, foods that are compassionate to animals and the planet and do not mess with my mind thereby minimizing brain-fog, I am more able to have control over emotions.

When we fill our bodies with foods that are laden with processed sugars, artery clogging oils and salts that constrict our blood vessels we set ourselves up for being on an emotional roller coaster. We have less control over our moods, and we tend to be more stressed and feel anxiety for no apparent reason.

The Connection to Food

Many people have not made the connection between what the eat and how they feel. Yet, by being aware of this connection we have more control over our feelings, emotions and moods throughout the day.

Eating a whole food, plant-based diet allows us to perform at our best on so many levels.

We have more clarity of mind due to reducing the amount of substances in our body that do not serve us at the highest level.

When your mind is clear you can have more control over the thoughts that randomly enter your mind. You have more clarity during meditation, and you are able to perform at a higher level.

7 Day Test for WFPB

If you doubt this is true, for the next seven days consume only those foods that are truly 100% WFPB – whole food, plant based.

Eliminate all processed foods while drinking more water.

Add to this short walks in nature. If you are unable to get out to nature, simply being outside will do you a world of good.

While walking, think of what you are grateful for. It has been proven that we can rewire our thought process by focusing on what we are grateful for.

By eliminating foods that clog our minds, bodies and souls, we are able to more fully tap into the energy of gratitude. And the more we express what we are grateful for, the more we have to be grateful for. It’s simple quantum physics. Like attracts like.

Give it a try. For seven days, go 100% WFPB, take short walks, express gratitude and watch the miracles appear before your very eyes.