Most people have heard content is king. But the truth of the matter is there’s a lot
of garbage on the Internet. You may unknowingly be someone who is promoting
less than stellar information.

I’m almost 100% sure you have searched the Internet for content for your articles, blog
postings, eBooks, and other information products you develop.

The fact
is there is so much information floating around the Internet that is incorrect,
misleading, false or downright unusable. If you don’t know the right way to
search for information you may soon be viewed as a less than credible expert.

So what
can you do? Read the rest of this message to find out how to make sure this
never happens to you, that’s what.

David did it again
My good
friend and colleague, David Perdew, has joined together with Dr. Pauline Wallin,
a renowned psychologist and an expert in marketing and search techniques for
professionals, in order for you to learn how to quickly (and accurately) find incredible
content for virtually any information product you want to bring to market.

Learn how
to gather information that is not only current, verifiable and true, but also learn
how to retrieve much of that information quickly and without copyright

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just a bit of what David and Dr. Wallin reveal

  • Uncover the
    goldmine of information in the .gov domain
  • Get a librarian
    at the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library to do your
    research for you
  • Avoid the seven
    deadly sins
    of content creation
  • Use Google to
    reveal much more in-depth and related searches while generating massive
    keyword lists
  • Go beyond Google
    to discover the hidden nugget of info in specialty search engines you’ve
    never heard of
  • Combine search
    filters to remove all the hay and reveal the needle hidden there
  • Obtain
    statistics to lend authority to any argument
  • Create a FAQ
    almost instantly
    to help your readers and reduce your support issues
  • Distill
    scientific jargon and papers into articles that can be read by the average
  • Discover
    recession-proof and growing markets with timely market statistics from
    verifiable economic data
  • Get constant
    updates of specialty content feeds for your websites, articles and reports
  • Organize your
    so you can always find it and back it up
  • Create fast
    information products
    for any field to add value and build relationships
    with your prospects, clients or customers
  • Ensure that you
    stay within the U.S. and international copyright

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