Have you ever wondered what it takes to start a business? Add to that a business in a very niched market during a pandemic? Is it difficult to start a food manufacturing business? What do you do when you hit bumps in the road?

During a recent conversation with Tyler Mayoras of Cool Beans, we discussed this and more.

Tyler went plant based in 2017 after attending a conference where he heard a shocking statistic about greenhouse gases and animal agriculture being at 15%. After his own research, he discovered it was more like 16 – 19%. That was all it took for him to decide to do his part to not contribute the greenhouse gases to the best of his ability. He gave up meat and dairy and then co-founded Cool Beans.

He immediately noticed incredibly benefits. He lost 25 pounds, increased his energy, improved his blood work numbers and much more.

He co-founded Cool Beans shortly before the initial shutdowns from the pandemic. After a few unexpected bumps in the road, Tyler and the entire Cool Beans team knew it was simply a matter of time to figure out what came next.

Their market reach is expanding rapidly with Cool beans placed in many locations throughout the country.

Marketing is Key

Shattering the myth of overnight success, Tyler shares some of the strategies used to gain market share. He also shared what most people do not know about lead time to get a product into a store.

Marketing the product has been a multi-faceted process. Tradeshows, social media, outreach, ezines (their own and others), a platform called, Social Nature that has a high concentration of product testers.

Other Reasons Tyler is Committed

Besides health, one of the main reason Tyler is so passionate about providing healthy, whole food, plant-based options is the impact factory farming has on the environment.

“70% of farmland is used to feed factory farmed animals. It’s very difficult to be an environmentalist and not be plant-based. It is just so hypocritical,” Tyler says adamantly.

This causes greenhouse gases, spill-offs into waterways and incredible damage in so many ways.

Percentage of Plant Based Eaters by population groups

Historically, 1% of the population identifies as vegan. In the last four years this number has increased to 3%. Millennials are at about 6% and Gen Z are right at 10%.

All indications are there will be increases in each category, yet, younger people seem to be much more aware of the benefits of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle.

About Tyler Mayoras

Tyler Mayoras is the Cofounder and CEO of Cool Beans after a 20-year career in private equity investing and consulting. Mr. Mayoras has been focused on sustainable food and agriculture during the past 10 years.

Prior to joining Cool Bean, Mr. Mayoras was a principal in the Advantage Capital Food and Agriculture Fund where he led transactions in Shenandoah Growers, Navitas Organics, Farmhouse Culture and Snaxsational Brands (Snack Pop and Pasta Chips).

Tyler is also an angel investor and mentor with investments in Simple Mills, Spero Foods, Atomo Coffee, Lavva, Renewal Mill, Tiesta Tea and Cool Beans.

Clubhouse: @tylermayoras