to the Center for Women’s Business Research, 10.1 million firms are owed by
women, employing 13 million people as of 2008. Women-owned firms account for
40% of all privately held firms. Yet, historically men have dominated the live
business event arena.
Not anymore.


Five leading women entrepreneurs are hosting
the Radiant Success Event,
May 20-23, 2010 in Raleigh, NC. Presenters for this first-of-its-kind event include
Janis Pettit, Denise Wakeman, Kathleen Gage, Marnie Pehrson, and Ellen Britt.
They will be sharing advice, strategies, tactics, and the mindset that helped
them get where they are today.


few years ago an invitation-only group of highly successful women entrepreneurs
joined together
to form a mastermind group. The goal was to share insights and
business building strategies and to support each other’s business growth. As it
turned out, the combined knowledge and reach of this small group was impressive
and vast.


, the coordinator of the event explains, “We noticed there were few
opportunities for small and solo business owners and entrepreneurs to learn the
combination of the best business building, income generating and online and
offline marketing and mindset strategies from experts at a live event.  And there were none presented by women.


also knew the power of networking and interacting at a live event is more
powerful than any other learning experience. Finally, it bothered us that so
many business owners were stuck and needed real help ASAP! Since we shared a
mission to help as many people succeed as possible, we decided to work together
to create the Radiant Success Event.”


entrepreneurs often have families and homes to care for in addition to their businesses.
This results in a stressful juggling act with personal relationships, household
responsibilities, and entrepreneurship. More than anyone, women entrepreneurs
need a lifestyle business that produces revenue while they’re handling life’s
priorities. Men will definitely benefit from the event, but we believe learning
from our combined experience as women entrepreneurs will be a breath of fresh
air for women seeking to build sustainable, lifestyle businesses,” says
Marnie Pehrson, creator of


of The Blog Squad adds, “The Radiant Success event promises to
take you through the steps to plan, build and market your business. I’m excited
about the speaker line up and the depth of content we’ll be covering to support
entrepreneurs at every stage of their business development. And nothing beats a
live event for accelerating your progress through networking, conversations and
opportunities to brainstorm your ideas.”

 For more details about the upcoming Radiant Success
Event, go to
or contact Janis Pettit at 919-562-2280 or