If you’re an author trying market your book, you must do more than send out an occasional email, tweet or social media post.
It’s also important to do all you can to let more than only those in your direct reach know about your book(s).
You’re going to do a lot better by tapping into the circle of influence surrounding you. A few days ago, I discussed organizing a Blog Tour.
In essence, you are tapping into OEM.
With OEM you are getting in front of an already existing market. This saves you time, effort and money. And who doesn’t want to save on all three?
Another great resource to gain lots of visibility for your book is to use the platform called Thunderclap.
Thunderclap is an online tool that allows your friends, colleagues and industry influencers help you spread the word about various types of campaigns including book launches, fundraisers, product launches and events.
It’s often been described as an “online flash mob.”
Getting Traction
To get the most traction from your Thunderclap campaign, give yourself plenty of time to invite people to join your campaign. To get the greatest result, it helps when you reach out to people one-on-one rather than with a broadcast message.
The best way to get people involved is to ask. Many people may not have heard of Thunderclap, but most industry influencers have; especially in online industries.
If you have a working relationship with an industry influencer, start there. It’s easier to get yeses from others when they see you have a few influencers helping you to spread the word.
Set a realistic goal
Although it would be great to get thousands of people to promote for you, it’s best to start with a realistic goal of 100 people. You set the goal, but be careful not to be too “pie in the sky” with your vision.
Once you set the goal, you simply have to invite people to help you promote. The best part of using Thunderclap is how easy it is. It is one of those “press of the button” type programs that can get your message in front of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people with as few as 100 partners.
The power of Thunderclap resides in your ability to get your community involved in sending out information about your book launch. It allows you send out a coordinated social media blast to create buzz around your launch.
Doing so allows your message to rise above the general noise on social media and get attention for your book. The key element with Thunderclap is trust.


  • Decide on date of launch
  • Choose a deadline for the campaign to end. It is recommended running a campaign for 2-3 weeks to give yourself plenty of time to recruit supporters.
  • Name your campaign
  • Create message for Thunderclap page. Your message has a 117-character limit, so keep it short and sweet. You can continue to tell a more detailed story on your Thunderclap page.
  • Have a strong CTA – call to action
  • Create promotions plan. Put effort into promoting the campaign. You’ve just created a memorable message and set a deadline. Your promotions plan includes those you will invite to help you “spread the word.”
  • Write email messages
  • Embed image and link on your website or blog
  • Blog about your campaign
  • Utilize social media to the fullest by sending the permalink for your blog post to all your networks
  • Create a “wish list” of influencers, friends, colleagues and others who can join in on your campaign
  • Create invitation to those you will invited to participate
  • Send updates to those who participate

Using Thunderclap is another amazing way to attract attention to your book.  The more people know about your book, the more likely it is you will Hit #1.
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