“You cannot have rabid fans unless you are willing to have rabid enemies,” Suzanne Evans.
Not wanting to receive criticism is one of the main reasons people never put themselves out to market in a big way. “What if someone doesn’t like me?” is a question I have often been asked by someone who claims to want to have a major impact, but holds back on what they are doing for fear of criticism.
I’ve got news for you; no matter what you do, you will have critics. Here’s a great example.
jocyeI’m a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. I love listening to her. Joyce Meyer is an evangelical minister and one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and a New York Times bestselling author, spreading God’s Word to millions of people each year. She has written over 70 books, conducts close to fifteen conferences annually, and reaches a potential audience of 3 billion people worldwide with her Enjoying Everyday Life® broadcast. Time magazine selected Joyce as one of the most influential evangelical leaders in America.
In spite of the good works she does, she definitely has her critics. Some of her critics go so far as to put up websites to make sure people know how bad a person she is. Some critics say a woman’s place is at home and not preaching.
On the flip side, there are those who would travel to the ends of the earth to hear her preach. They buy all her books and donate money on a regular basis to her ministry.
tiaThen there’s Tia Torres of the Pitbull and Parolee fame. Tia is recognized as one of the most outspoken advocates for the safety of Pitbulls. There are those who absolutely adore her and all the good she is doing while others will do anything to stop her from doing her life’s work.
The fact is, no matter who you are and what you do, you will have critics and you will have fans.
Many people try to win over their critics rather than focusing on building deep connections with their fans. This is a huge mistake simply because many of your critics are not looking to change how they feel about you.
If you live in the space of trying to please everyone you are going to sorely miss your opportunity to impact your community (your raving fans) in a big way.
Face it; not everyone is going to like you, what you do or what you stand for. That’s okay.
What’s not okay is for you to know you have big work to do in this lifetime, but because you fear not being liked by everyone you stay in your safe little world. What a pity.
I’ve often said, “The world is in a world of hurt. If what you do even remotely heals the minds, bodies, spirits, finances and relationships of your tribe, you absolutely must do all you can to get your message out to market.”
Earlier today a radio host asked what motivated me to write my newest book, Power Up for Profits! The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing at this time.
I decided to write this book at this time in order to teach as many conscious entrepreneurs as I can how to get their message out to as many people as possible in a big way in order to shift the energy of the planet.
Will there be people who may not like the book? Probably. But I didn’t write the book for them. I wrote it for those who know they are here for a reason and are ready to step up to the plate and play full out regardless of who says what.
Isn’t it time for you to do what you came here to do? Absolutely.
PowerUp3D_HighResSpeaking of my book here’s what Suzanne Evans has to say:
Kathleen Gage clearly understands two things: Power and Profit.  While this book allows you to use your passions and creativity to find a wealthy path in business it doesn’t allow you to get bogged down in the BS of “how”.  It’s clear.  It’s step by step. AND it’s funny and compassionate. This is a must read for any woman (or man) ready to build a business (with lots of profits).
Suzanne Evans – Suzanne Evans Coaching
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