Is it possible to impact food choices and eating behaviors before people choose what they eat? President and Founder at Before the Butcher, Inc., Danny O’Malley, a long time vegan and plant-based lifestylist, believes so.

Danny is the creator of the first family of plant-based burgers, a plant-based eating advocate, and visionary behind Before the Butcher’s UNCUT product line of four retail and 12 food service meat alternatives that look, cook and taste like their animal-based counterparts.
Growing up in the Midwest, Danny readily admits he was a meat and potatoes boy. With six brothers and sisters, dinner time was a “fend for yourself” nightly happening.
Moving to Santa Barbara as a teen, Danny had his eyes open to a completely different way of life including the availability of fruits and vegetables.
This was the beginning of a lifelong passion to learn as much as possible about healthy eating.

The Process Took Time

After easing into eating more plant-based meals, Danny removed all animal and dairy from his diet several years ago. A dare by a friend was the catalyst for the switch. What initially was a 90-day challenge has turned into well over six years of being completely meat and dairy free.

“I just lost the desire. I no longer wanted to eat animals.”

A huge benefit of switching to a plant-based diet for Danny was his a decrease in his bad cholesterol. Having been borderline high cholesterol most of his life, he was pleasantly surprised to get results from his blood work after 90 days of being plant based.
Until he saw the improvement of his numbers, he believed, like most people do, that his health, or lack thereof, was hereditary.

With a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease and other common health challenges, Danny had no idea that he could reverse his own health by changing his diet. But… change it he did.
Yet, he is quick to say it takes a well-balanced diet, including nutrient dense food and exercise to have a well-rounded protocol.

It’s Beyond Personal for Danny

Danny O’Malley’s passion for plant-based eating is not limited to his personal life. From 2014 – 2017 he was the Western Regional Sales Manager for Beyond Meats. In late 2017, Danny founded Before the Butcher.
As the founder and President, Danny is in charge of Sales, Marketing and Development for this exciting and innovative plant-based food company and producer of UNCUT & Mainstream plant-based protein brands.
Before the Butcher is proud that All UNCUT products are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Cholesterol-Free and Plant-Based Certified.
Initially, Before the Butcher was in the food service arena selling to restaurants and food service operators across the country. Everything was on track and moving along as planned when the pandemic hit. At the time of the first shutdown, their sales revenues were about 80% from food services and 20% in retail.

Pandemics Force Change

Almost overnight much of their business dried up. Their largest customer stopped ordering and within weeks, things dramatically changed. Yet, due to creativity, a great core group of team members and the drive to succeed, things got back on track, and then some.
Currently, Before the Butcher is in a growth mode. There is a 30,000 square foot facility in San Diego that is set to open by September 1st. In addition, they are increasing their staff.
They are doing more private label and industrial business. They provide their product as an ingredient for other manufacturers that make products for Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target and other companies.
Danny O’Malley is optimistic about the future of the vegan and plant-based industries. “We are at the tip of the iceberg. There so much room for growth in the plant-based meat industry.”
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