I’ve had a few people write me to let me know they may have committed to too much for the 30 day Turnaround Challenge. My purpose for starting the challenge was to create a platform for people to start a process of change. Some people are doing great with the process while others are feeling completely overwhelmed.

If you feel like you have too much to do with too little time to do it in, you are not alone. Most everyone feels like there are too many demands on their time resulting in some type of overwhelm.

Although some overwhelm is mild, other times it can be so intense we feel like we have no way to deal with it.

Truth be told, if you don’t address the smaller things as they crop up, before you know it, your life is functioning from the space of complete disarray.

Whether it be from work or business, relationships and family demands, uncertainty in our political structure, emails and social media, the news, or health issues, there are many things that can cause overwhelm.

Some of the things that cause overwhelm we may not be able to do much about, while other things we do have a lot of control over.

Regardless of whether or not we can eliminate the cause of overwhelm, how we respond to it makes a huge difference.

When things become super intense many people become very unproductive. It can feel like you are doing a lot, but getting very little done. You can feel completely exhausted at the end of the day and yet, not be able to identify the things that are making you tired.

The way to minimize the downsides of overwhelm is to implement much needed changes. Granted, not all changes are possible, but there are likely some you can make that will impact your time, energy and peace of mind.

1. Become aware
2. Evaluate
3. Choose
4. Let go
5. Avoid the “Tomorrow I will do it” syndrome
If you gave yourself too much, too soon, slow down. Don’t quit altogether. Rather, eliminate a few things that are literally weighing you down.