During the 21 Day Challenge, I posted my recommendations on six top podcast shows. I also shared a few of my favorite Facebook groups, including my own… Plant Based Eating for Health.

I’m a firm believer that the more great information we can consume, the better. The great thing about all that’s available online is that we don’t need to try and figure this out on our own.

Following are four of my favorite blogs that I have subscribed to and glean lots of great information, tips, recipes and inspiration from.


Plant Based News


Hands down, this is one of the most informative blogs I’ve discovered. Covering all aspects of a plant based lifestyle, Plant Based News regularly features leading experts including doctors, athletes, dieticians, nutritionists and more.

Definitely a blog to subscribe to and add to your favorites.



Rich Roll Blog


Another one of my favorites is Rich Roll’s blog. I discovered Rich Roll early into my plant based transformation. First on YouTube, then his book, Finding Ultra and then his blog.

Always informative and inspiring, Rich Roll Blog will encourage you to be more than you thought you could.

With features on extreme athletes, plant based eaters, meditation techniques, recipes and more, this is a must read blog.



Nutrition Facts (more than just a blog)


No list would be complete without Nutrition Facts, part of the life work of Dr. Michael Greger. Filled with more information than you will ever need, this site contains studies, data, research, videos and insights and perspectives from Dr. Greger.

Dr. Greger is one of the most vocal doctors on the subject of a whole food, plant based diet.

Here’s the “about” description directly from the site.

Whenever there is a new drug or surgical procedure, you can be assured that you or your doctor will probably hear about it because there’s a corporate budget driving its promotion. But what about advances in the field of nutrition? The reason we don’t see ads on TV for broccoli is the same reason groundbreaking research on the power of foods and eating patterns to affect our health and longevity gets lost and buried in the medical literature–there’s no profit motive. It may not make anyone money, but what if our lives would profit?



That Vegan Couple


Without a doubt, That Vegan Couple had an enormous amount of impact on my decision to go plant based from the start. A husband/wife team, Natasha and Luka have made it their life’s work to educate and inform anyone who is even remotely interested in the ethical side of a plant based lifestyle.

Animal advocates, they include the truth about factory farming, nutrition, mindset, and the spiritual side of this way of life.

Here’s the description from their site.

Hi, we’re Natasha and Luca “That Vegan Couple”. We help people, animals, and the planet via our YouTube channel, other social media, podcast, and eBooks.

That Vegan Couple you see today is definitely not how we have always been. In the past, we had stressful corporate careers, poor diets based on animal products, suffered from many health problems, and desperately needed to change things in our lives.

Back in 2007 we found courage in the words “leap and the net will appear”, and so we embarked on a process of transforming our lives. The most profound change happened on 26th August 2011, when we became vegan.


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