I write this as I prepare to head out to officiating my nephew and his soon to be bride’s wedding. I am beyond grateful for this honor.

I am also aware, today I do not have the same amount of time to write as I usually do. However, that does not mean I cannot put some effort into my 30 Day Turnaround Challenge.

Balancing Acts

Life is a balancing act. We can use the happenings of life to not do what we know is in our best interest or we can make adjustments as needed.

On Day 19, I invite you to look at what your excuses are and what your reasons are with the challenge.

Excuses give us an out. Reasons encourage us to stick with our goals.

Today, my post will be very, very short, but I want you to know, my reason for writing is to show that my reasons are bigger than excuses.

And you?