A few days ago, I wrote about the power of changing one word… “have” to “get.”

When you say you “have” to do something, it’s not as compelling as “get” to do something.

Today, I’m going to go one step further and ask you to change your “should” to “must.”

Try It

“I “should”  exercise” is very different than “I “must” exercise.”

“I should” eat healthy” is very different than “I “must” eat healthy.”

“I should” write in my journal” is very different than “I “must” write in my journal.”

“I should” make 10 phone calls to potential clients” is very different than “I “must” make 10 phone calls to potential clients.”

On my morning run, which I first told myself I “should” do, I listened to Tony Robbins talk about the “must” energy.

Basically, as I prepared to run, I didn’t necessarily feel like it, so I started “shoulding” on myself. Within minutes, and a lot of pumped up mindset from Tony’s inspiring words, I changed it to “I MUST run.”

Granted, I could have ignored what I was listening to, but I listen for a reason. To shift my mindset. I’m well aware that my mindset will either help or hinder.

In that I have some very specific goals, I am really good with changing my “shoulds” to “musts.”

Lots of Ground Covered

Here are a few I “shoulds” I changed to “musts” in the time it took me to run three miles.

I MUST run. (this kept me motivated the entire time)

I MUST call everyone who invested in my Podcast Directory program. (made lots of calls within an hour)

I MUST put one hour into my book proposal. (After a client call today)

I MUST post on my Passion for Thriving Blog. (done and you are reading it)

I MUST eat healthy today. (Important to achieve my health goals)

All of these support my larger goals. I know myself well enough to know that if I say I should do something, I won’t be as committed as, “I MUST do something.”

What about you. What are the MUSTs you really need to commit to? And… what are you willing to do to make sure you stick with your word?