Recently, I visited a very busy city. So busy in fact, it took 45 minutes to drive 3 miles. I could have run faster than we drove. Crazy making!

It was very stressful being around all the cars, honking, yelling and scattered energy.

I live in a very quiet community. We don’t even have a stop light in the town I live in. That’s how little traffic we have. I had to do all possible to remove the stressful energy.

Stress Stops Us

Truth be told, stress can stop us from achieving the outcomes we say we want. A simple solution is to get grounded as often as possible.

There are lots of strategies on how to do this. Breathing, peaceful YouTube Videos, audio files, meditation, prayer, and focus on something beautiful are just a few strategies.

I’ve been studying energy for many years. I’ve learned some amazing breathing techniques. I often watch peaceful videos on YouTube that help me to get back to center. I write a gratitude list almost daily.

Something else I like, and value, are guided meditations.

David Lee Has a Solution

Someone who has made it his life’s work to help as many people as possible get, and stay, grounded through meditation is David Lee. He is so committed to this, he is happy to give away a dozen meditation audio files simply by going here.

You’ll find that focusing on grounding yourself will help you with your 30 Day Turnaround Challenge. He has everything from health, quit smoking, relationships, abundance, stress management and more.

Be Mindful

The more mindful you are, the more you create balance, awareness and happiness. David Lee created various mediation audios that provide insights into how to deal with some of the most common challenges and concerns you experience. True Fortune Happiness Meditations will assist you to….

  • Discover simple ways to attract money and wealth
  • Release yourself from emotional discomfort
  • Free yourself from negative thoughts about wealth and prosperity
  • Gain clarity on why the good life is your birthright
  • Use the power of your inner mind to attract abundance and prosperity from this point forward

Each meditation is designed to create peace of mind, awareness and the ability to be more productive, calm and happy. To achieve optimal results, listen at least once a day to the audios that address the area you desire to transform.