Something I learned a long time ago is get the most important things on my plate out of the way as early in the day as possible. Otherwise, it may not get done.

Today I didn’t follow my own advice. I jumped into a very time sensitive project for a client, followed by a weekly mastermind call with a few colleagues, followed by over a dozen prospect phone calls, followed by other projects I wanted to complete by day’s end.

This was all followed by an unexpected visit by a family member. Suddenly, it hit me that I hadn’t blogged about the 30 Day Turnaround Challenge.

I could have blown this off, but recently, I gave my word to someone I wouldn’t miss a day. There’s something to be said about making promises… that we know we will keep.

Actually, it’s somewhat past my bedtime and I would like to call it a day and hit the sack. But my word is my word. My word to others and even more importantly, my word to myself.

As you wrap up the final week of the 30 Day Turnaround Challenge are you keeping your word to yourself? Simple question that’s requires a yes or a no.