Think about someone you admire. Why is it you admire them? Chances are, they have accomplished something worthwhile. Perhaps they are a really good parent. Maybe they have great communication skills. Likely they are a person of their word.

Regardless of what it is that inspires you, there are others who are more of a warning of what not to do.

They don’t do what they say. They are harsh to others. They complain because it takes work to accomplish something.

Just today I received a message from someone who was upset because he finally realized if he’s going to make money online, he actually has to work at it.

Get Real

“I thought it would be easier,” he moaned.

“It takes work. You have to treat an online business like a business,” I told him.

“But I don’t want to work that hard,” he continued.

“Then this may not be for you,” I responded.

“But you make it look so easy,” he said. “You obviously have figured out the easy way to do this.”

“What?!?!?” I was tempted to yell but resisted. The fact is, my success in business didn’t happen overnight, nor was it easy. It took dedication, focus and commitment.

It’s the same with anything we say we want. It’s going to take work.

Inspiration or Warning?

Take your 30-Day Turnaround Challenge goal. Whatever you said you would do for 30 days, have you stuck with it. Is your progress an inspiration to others on how to accomplish something or is it a warning of how not to do something?

Whatever you set out to do, you have to stick with it if you want the result. My 30 day commitment is to write for 30 minutes a day in my memoir. That’s after a morning process designed to center and ground me that can take up to an hour.

I could easily say, “I don’t have the time. I’m way too busy for that.”

Or I can let go of something, like watching television, that’s not going to give me the quality of life I want. It’s entirely up to me. Just as how you choose to organize your day in order to stick with your commitment is up to you.

But, like the man who was frustrated because he couldn’t simply press a button and make a boatload of money, if he would focus his time on doing one thing every day to increase his knowledge and skill level, in 30 days he just might make a little bit of money. From there, he can replicate the process to increase his earning potential.

This can apply to virtually any goal we have. Do something every day, create a system, evaluate the system from time to time and replicate what works while letting go of what doesn’t.