For anyone who is overweight and possibly obese… you didn’t get fat and unhealthy in a week so what makes you expect to lose all your excess weight and feel great in a week?

This thought came to me as I was watching one of my favorite plant-based leaders, Dr. Michael Greger, talking about his newest book, How Not to Diet.

Dr. Greger, also author of How Not to Die, is one of the most popular books on what eating a plant-based diet can do for your health.

How Not to Diet is the next book you should add to your health and fitness library. Scheduled for release in December, 2019 you can preorder a copy today.

The reality is, we are a very, very sick society. Obesity is on the rise as are all the diseases that are a direct result of weight gain including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers.


My Own Fat Story


When I was 60 pounds overweight, I was always in search of the quick fix. Sure, with depravation diets I would drop the weight, but inevitably, I gained it back… and some. Crash diets just weren’t sustainable.

Frustrated, I was sure I was destined to be fat, sluggish and at risk for all too common diseases. I did not realize what a simple lifestyle change of becoming a plant-based eater could actually do for me.

At one point, I had high blood pressure, was at risk for colon and breast cancer, was putting pressure on my heart and as my doctor said, “A stroke waiting to happen.”

The topic of diabetes had not entered my consciousness at that point, but with where I was headed, it was only a matter of time before I likely would have been moving toward yet another health risk.


Do You Value Your Sight and Feet?


Okay, let’s get real with one disease that is sweeping across the United States; diabetes. Once an adult disease, more and more children are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This is NOT because of genetics. It’s directly related to what families are eating and more importantly, what they are NOT eating.

The most common longterm diabetes-related health problems are: damage to the large blood vessels of the heart, brain and legs (macrovascular complications) damage to the small blood vessels, causing problems in the eyes, kidneys, feet and nerves (microvascular complications)

Diabetes is a significant cause of lower limb loss. According to the American Diabetes Association, worldwide, a person loses a limb due to diabetes-related complications every 30 seconds.

Without a doubt, a change in diet can minimize the risk of diabetes and the devastating effects of the disease.

For more information on the impact of diabetes go to


Is it Reversible?


Can you reverse Type II Diabetes? Many people have done so and continue to do so through dietary changes, weight loss, exercise and lifestyle adjustments.

There are some experts who have done the research on plant-based eating and have proven this way of eating CAN reverse and prevent Type II Diabetes. Dr. Neal Barnard discusses how to fight and reverse type 2 diabetes with a plant-based diet in this article.


Back to Dr. Greger


In his book, How Not to Diet, you will find practical information on how you can improve your health with easy to follow ideas.

The description on Amazon says it all…

Every month seems to bring a trendy new diet or weight loss fad―and yet obesity rates continue to rise, and with it a growing number of diseases and health problems. It’s time for a different approach.

Enter Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of Author of the mega bestselling How Not to Die, Dr. Greger now turns his attention to the latest research on the leading causes―and remedies―of obesity.

Dr. Greger hones in on the optimal criteria to enable weight loss, while considering how these foods actually affect our health and longevity. He lays out the key ingredients of the ideal weight-loss diet―factors such as calorie density, the insulin index, and the impact of foods on our gut microbiome―showing how plant-based eating is crucial to our success.

But How Not to Diet goes beyond food to identify twenty-one weight-loss accelerators available to our bodies, incorporating the latest discoveries in cutting-edge areas like chronobiology to reveal the factors that maximize our natural fat-burning capabilities. Dr. Greger builds the ultimate weight loss guide from the ground up, taking a timeless, proactive approach that can stand up to any new trend.

Chock full of actionable advice and groundbreaking dietary research, How Not to Diet will put an end to dieting―and replace those constant weight-loss struggles with a simple, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

(end of description from Amazon)


Get the Book


Want to have sustainable weight loss? Pre-order your copy today. The book is scheduled for release on December 10, 2019.