It’s amazing how passionate someone will be when they begin a journey of change.

Prior to starting they may think about the change, read about it, watch videos and even journal about what the change will do for them.

Day one is the day they know this time will be different from every other time they began “the change.”

Whether it’s about writing on a daily basis, implementing an exercise regime, participating in a triathlon, changing their eating from one that is not good for them to a healthy diet, or swearing off the “buy button” on Amazon for a period of time, they get pretty darned excited.

What starts as a commitment to a better quality of life is often replaced within a couple of days with fudging on their goal by saying, “I’ll start tomorrow.”

It’s amazing how quickly people let their goals fall by the wayside.

Avoid the Common Mistake

Don’t do it. Whatever motivated you to set the goal and commit to the 30-Day Turnaround Challenge is obviously important to you.

The only way for things to change is for you to stick with the process.

Insanity Rules

Most people have heard, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

The insanity of committing to a life change is that often within three or four days a great many people give up on their promise. This sets them up for frustration and failure. They do this over and over.

Sure, it has been said that failure is feedback, but haven’t you gotten enough feedback on the thing you want to change? Isn’t it time to stay the course?

Whatever you committed to will likely require time. For example, if you committed to 20 minutes of exercise added into your day, it may require you get up 20 minutes earlier than you have been.

If you committed to daily writing in your journal, this too may require that you get up a bit earlier than usual.

Even eating healthier requires a time commitment to clean out the bad foods, shop for the good foods and prepare healthy meals.

Whatever you committed to, stick with it. If what you said you wanted to add to, change or eliminate was that important at the time you made the commitment, isn’t it still important? Thus the reason for your WHY! You have to have a big enough why to stick with something. Have you found your why? If not, go back to Day One to create a solid foundation for success.

After all, don’t you deserve it?