To achieve more of what you want, consciously focusing on the outcome allows you to stay the course. One way to do this is with affirmations.

Affirmations are words and statements that direct the conscious and subconscious mind in a more productive and positive direction. However, there is such a thing as negative affirmations.

Most people affirm negative things without realizing it. Phrases such as…

  • “I’m no good.”
  • “How could I be so stupid.”
  • “The older I get the harder it is to stay healthy.”

None of these statements support a positive outcome or way of life. It’s important to be aware of the things you mindlessly say to yourself in order to make the necessary changes to release the negative statements.

Affirm the Outcome

To achieve an outcome you desire, create affirmations that support this way of life. What are phrases that allow you to be more aware of what you say you want?

However, in addition to the stating affirmations, actions that support your statements are essential. To simply state something is not enough. Having a plan that supports the words assures greater success and working your plan is key to your successful outcome.

Write the Affirmations

Take time to write affirmations that align with your goals for the 30-Day Turnaround Challenge.

Although my goal is to focus on 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing on my memoir early in the morning on a daily basis, I’m also focused on my health.

Two affirmations I have created are:


I write with ease. Ideas flow and I am able to allow my writing to flow without interruption. I enjoy the process of writing. I write with total comfort, ease and creativity. I love the process of taking my ideas from my mind to my computer. This is so enjoyable. I write with ease, flow and creativity.


I am healthy, and I eat only those foods that support a healthy lifestyle. I choose to put healthy foods in my body. I drink plenty of water to keep my hydrated. I love drinking at least 80 ounces of water a day. I know the value of healthy food choices and drinking plenty of fluids.

My mind, body and soul function at their peak when I make the best choices for optimal health. Today, I choose to make great choices, thus, I do.


This affirmation focuses on my health… thus, the reason for sharing it.

I focus my activities on those things that improve my wellness. Wellness is a choice and a way of life. I am healthy, happy and feel vibrant through the choices I make on a daily basis. I am healthy in mind, body and soul.

Let the Affirmations Sink In

Once you have your affirmations written, read them aloud several times to let them “sink in” and become a part of your reality.

Using effective affirmations is a powerful way to focus on what you say you want.

Start your day by taking time to read your affirmations. By starting your day with affirmations, you will likely find it easier to stick with your goal for the 30-Day Turnaround Challenge.