At the age of 11, Katrina Fox became a vegetarian. She had no idea what the word meant, but after learning the ‘beef burger’ her mum served up for dinner was once a beautiful cow, she intuitively knew she was done eating meat.

Her refusal to eat meat didn’t go down too well with her family in a small town just outside London in the UK, but she stood her ground, unfazed by going against the grain.



Since then she’s made a point of continuing to speak up for society’s underdogs through occasional character comedy and performance art, being chased by riot police during protests against animal cruelty, and during her 18-year career as a journalist.


Reporter, Writer, Editor


Katrina has worked on staff as a senior reporter, features writer, sub-editor and editor, and as a freelancer on a broad range of print and online media in the UK, US and Australia. Her work has been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and the ABC’s The Drum among many other outlets and she launched The Scavenger online magazine for social change advocates in 2009.

Her two proudest moments were persuading a mainstream media editor to run her article on speciesism and another to use the gender-neutral pronouns ‘zie’ and ‘zir’ for a piece she did on sex and gender diversity.

Each represented a triumph for the marginalized, with the former earning her the Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute Media Prize for Print/Online Journalism.

Since becoming an ethical vegan in 1996 after a schoolteacher called Kay opened her eyes to the countless ways animals are used, abused and exploited for human consumption or entertainment, Katrina’s mission has been to educate, inform and inspire as many people as possible to embrace a vision of a world in which all beings are free to thrive.


Human & Animal Social Justice Drives Katrina


Katrina’s ideas on the interconnections between human and animal social justice are featured in chapters in the books Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice and Plant-Powered Women: Pioneering Female Vegan Leaders Share Their Vision for a Healthier, Greener, More Compassionate World.

Katrina is the founder and editor of, host of Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners. She was a regular Forbes contributor for a year specializing in writing about vegan and plant-based business.

In 2020 Katrina announced the launch of the Plant Powered Women’s Network global ethical leadership community.

The Plant Powered Women’s Network is a membership-based global ethical leadership community for vegan, plant-based and plant-powered women committed to lifting each other up. It will initially launch as an online membership platform offering exclusive live webinars and interviews vegan and plant-based women from the worlds of business, corporate, NGOs, finance, lifestyle, entertainment, spirituality, health, politics and more, along with virtual networking events, online training and events, and carefully curated content and resources. Live events, a leadership program and mentorship opportunities are also planned down the track. More information and to join:

Katrina helps vegan and plant-based business owners, entrepreneurs and ethical leaders to share their stories in the media by teaching them how to do their own PR through her media consulting, coaching and training programs including her signature course Vegans in the Limelight.

Katrina lives with her wife, Tracie, in Sydney, Australia.…

Vegan Ventures Book