are lots of numbers floating around the Internet as to how many blogs there
actually are. In July of 2008, Technorati claimed to be tracking
million blogs, a number that likely did not include the more than 72 million
Chinese blogs as counted by The China Internet Network Information Center
around the same time.


When we read about blog
statistics we usually hear about the English-language blogosphere without adding
the millions of other-language blogs into the equation.

So why is this outdated
statistic about how many blogs there are important to you? Simply put, if this
statistic is outdated and so enormous in size, you have to do a heck of a lot
more than put up a blog in order for it to be an effective tool for marketing,
selling and generating revenue.

The idea is to attract a
steady stream of visitors who either return to your blog or they read your
posts via feeds. However, before this can happen you need to get viewers to your

To get the most out of
your marketing efforts it’s essential to know the purpose of your blog. As with defining your market, the clearer you
are the better.

The fact is, blogs generate
revenue (directly and indirectly), position your expertise, give you massive
visibility and create ongoing opportunities.

Your blog is not meant to
be stagnant. It is a fluid resource where you have great opportunity to explore
your own creativity. One of the greatest benefits of blogging is you can say
and do just about anything you want. One of the biggest problems with blogging
is you can say and do just about anything you want. <grin>

The fact is blogs create
incredible opportunity. You never know who might “happen upon” your blog. This
is why it’s important to determine what your blog is for, what you want to
accomplish and what image you are projecting.

Once you have determined
the above-mentioned items, it’s time to gain visibility to drive traffic to
your blog. Keep in mind you don’t want just any traffic. You want targeted

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