In today’s world, we’ve been conditioned to fast results. Press a button and presto! you get a result.

The reality is that long-term results don’t happen quickly. They happen over time. They happen with consistency.

Whatever it is you say you want, you must be willing to put the time in.

Diets Don’t Work

One area we have been misled to believe we can get fast results is with weight loss. Sure, you can lose weight fast with some of the trick diets out there, but if you want lasting results, you must be willing to make lifestyle changes.

According to an article in the Medical Examiner, 97% of dieters regain everything they lost and then some within three years.

This is very disheartening on the one hand and GREAT news on the other hand.

The primary reason the weight piles back on is simple, people are going for a quick fix not a long term result.

I speak from personal experience. I have been heavy and I have been at a very healthy weight. I’ve lost the weight and I’ve gained it all back, and more.

It was when I took on a completely different way of living, I had long-term success. I won’t say permanent success because if I don’t stay the course the weight will come back on. Simple as that.

Steps to Success

To achieve the greatest results, you absolutely must commit to lifestyle changes.

  • Track your food intake. Be fully aware of everything you put in your body.
  • Keep a food journal. It’s amazing what will be revealed when you write down everything, absolutely everything you eat.
  • If you’re not sure how much you’re consuming, count calories for at least 30 days. Once you are eating healthy foods you may not need to count calories, but initially, it could be a great idea.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast regularly – you may want to consider a smoothie for breakfast. My personal recipe is below.
  • Eliminate fast food restaurants. Just let it go.
  • Be careful around the holidays. Saying things like, “Just this one time I can splurge.” Again, make lifestyle changes.
  • Exercise daily. Find something that works for you and start at a level that’s appropriate for your current health level. Over time, you will definitely notice changes in your ability and energy level.

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