A couple of days ago I read a post on Facebook about a woman who wrote a book on a topic I have great interest in. Being that it was a third party endorsement, I was even more eager to buy the book than if the author had touted the benefits of her own book.
Since there was no link in the post for me to read more about the book, I did what the majority of people would be inclined to do… I hopped over to Amazon.com.
I have to admit, I was frustrated (and disappointed) I could not find the book. Worse yet, there was no trace of the author on Amazon.
I couldn’t help but think how many sales this woman was losing by not having her book on Amazon. After hitting a few dead-ends with a general online search, I gave up looking for the book.
It’s likely the author has no idea how many opportunities she is missing to not only sell her book, but be invited on podcast shows, media interviews and speaking opportunities.
In today’s digital world, when we have an interest in a book, we usually head right over to Amazon.
If we meet someone, or hear about them from a colleague, listen to a podcast they are the featured expert on or read an article by them, it’s likely we will go directly to their website and blog. Then we check them out on social media. If they have a presence, or lack thereof, we form an immediate opinion; good or bad.
Regardless of whether or not we do so consciously, we immediately decide if we will explore further. Here are a few areas of consideration.

  • Does their site look good?
  • What does the copy convey?
  • Do we want to know more about them?


  • Are the posts on their blog worth reading?
  • Is the content well written and relevant?
  • Does it convey their expertise?


  • Are they on Amazon?
  • Is the pricing of their book competitive?
  • Does the book description compel us to press the buy button?

Anyone who is not up to speed with their digital footprint is likely losing much more than they realize; revenue, credulity, opportunity.

As someone who has a huge digital footprint, I am often asked what someone can do to gain more visibility. First and foremost is to be strategic about what you do.
Avoid taking a haphazard approach to being seen. Put a plan in place and each and every day work the plan.
Know who your market is and do what you can to get in front of them in a way that conveys your desired messaging. Invest in the development of a professional looking website as well as s strong social media presence.
If you are serious about building your business, start by building your online presence. Yet, don’t let the need for a solid presence stop you from reaching out to those who want to do business with you. Avoid hiding out by hiding behind the wall of the Internet.
Your visibility online is not intended to replace your physical presence at networking meetings and conferences. Your online presence is intended to enhance your face to face encounters.
Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you easy to find online on various platforms?
  • What message does your presence convey?
  • Do you have a strong digital footprint?

Think through the impression you want to make and invest accordingly in order to get the best return on investment possible.
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