Success breeds success. It’s a fact. If you want to learn how to do something it’s been proven you need to learn from those who have “been there, done that.”
In the world of online marketing there are those who have led the way for years. One reason is they stay ahead of the curve and are forever leveraging their knowledge in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Take digital publishing. If you have not yet jumped on board with this incredible phenomena you are getting left behind more each day.
Let’s start with a definition of what digital publishing is.
The initial purpose of Digital Publishing was to emulate traditional publishing, but it has far surpassed this limited definition.
Digital Publishing can utilize various formats and types of media to present any publication in a different way. For example, you can add features like animation effect, audio clip and video to name but a few of the many ways to position your message.
Two experts who have optimized their efforts with digital publishing are Denise Wakeman and Dr. Ellen Britt. Actually, they’ve taken the online market by storm with what they are doing.
deniseAs the founders of The Future of Ink, Denise and Ellen realized very quickly how much of a need for timely information there is for the market. Based on this information, they are bringing together an incredible faculty of thought leaders for Digital Publishing Online Intensive.
Each expert is going to share leading edge information that they often reserve only for their high paying clients.
Wouldn’t you love to know how the most successful marketing experts¬† are leveraging digital publishing in their businesses?
Imagine having inside access to their secret step-by-step methods for creating, marketing and monetizing their digital content…
access to LIVE training webinars taught by these experts, plus being able to ask your questions too?
Well, listen to this…
I am going to give you the inside scoop on exactly that because digital publishing experts Denise Wakeman and Dr. Ellen Britt have brought together twelve phenomenal expert faculty members for the first live Digital Publishing Online Intensive, which begins March 6th, 2013…ellen
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to pull back the curtain on their personal digital publishing secrets with twelve in-depth training webinars, including:
Nina Amir – Inspiration to Creation Coach
Laura West – The Creative Thought Leader
Daniel Hall – Serial Entrepreneur and Webinar Master
D’vorah Landsky – Book Marketing Expert
Lou Bortone – The Video Master
Marnie Pehrson – Founder of Ignite Point
Lynne Klippel – Expert Book Coach & Publisher
Jim Kukral – Best-Selling Marketing Author & Professional Speaker
Bob Jenkins – Internet Marketing Business Teacher
Kristen Eckstein – Expert Publishing Consultant
and Sue Painter – The Confident Marketer
and yours truly, Kathleen Gage – Internet Marketing Mentor
This Digital Publishing Online Intensive is like no other you’ve ever attended…
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you’ll walk away from each training webinar with concise, powerful, effective digital published strategies…
and powerful, practical information that you can implement right away to help you create, publish and monetize your digital content…Laura-West-tip
whether you are an experienced digital publisher or a newbie…
and don’t worry, there will be plenty of information for new business owners as well as more advanced strategies for you experienced folks…
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