More money. More time. More love. More business.
I want more!
Never enough. Always more.
Seems this is a condition that plagues countless individuals. No matter what they have it will never be enough.
Not that wanting more is wrong, but if you are not happy and grateful for what you currently have, more of the “thing” still won’t bring you happiness.
It’s somewhat of a paradox. In order to have more to be grateful for you are well served to be grateful for what you already have. When you are grateful for what you already have you get more to be grateful for.
It’s about being happy with what you have AND also visioning and working for more of what you have. Hmmm. Seems such a contradiction, but those people who seem to manifest “at will” are usually the people who are incredibly happy with what they already have. They know happiness is an inside job.
Living in the space of “this is never enough” sets you up for never having enough which likely leads to being restless and discontent regardless of how good things really are.
For example, you could have a windfall of business and rather than giving thanks for the new business your response is, “It should have been more.”
I’ve seen this happen with far too many people. They sign a few new clients and then bitch about those they didn’t sign.
Energetically, whatever we profess to be true becomes a reality. When you sign the new business, give thanks. Treat those who “chose” to do business with you as valuable. When you do, you attract more.
If you begrudge the fact that “some got away” you set yourself up to lose what you already have.
Life is an ebb and flow. Outward appearances don’t tell the whole story.
As with the seeds planted in your garden, there is a lot going on under the surface that can’t be seen. You have to “act as if” the seeds will grow. Take care of the soil, fertilize, water and “know” you will get a result for your efforts.
The next time you find yourself saying, “This isn’t enough,” try expressing appreciation for what you have. Do so with a lot of sincerity. Feel the feeling of gratitude.
You also must get really honest about how much effort you are putting into your outcome. Are you doing the necessary footwork to get the outcome you desire?
For example, if you are want to get in top physical shape are you eating and exercising to support this desire.
If you say you want more business, are you reaching out to potential clients on a regular basis or are you sitting around bitching about what you don’t have and not taking any action.
Whatever you say you want more of actually has a simple formula for success.
The formula includes:

  • Appreciation for what you do have.
  • Vision of what you do want
  • Action towards the outcome
  • Letting go of the outcome in order to be fully present in the current moment

Don’t confuse simple with easy. Sometimes it’s not easy. Always simple, not always easy. The most important ingredient is gratitude.
Energetically, the more you are grateful for what you have the more you have to be grateful for.
Today, in this moment, what are you grateful for? Post your #1 reason for gratitude in the comments box below.