learned long ago if you want to succeed at something the smartest thing to do
is learn from others who have achieved the very thing you desire. This thought
process has paid off.  I now enjoy an
extremely successful business doing what I love. A business that affords me the
opportunity to make choices I otherwise would not have.

don’t share this to impress anyone, but to impress upon you that building a
successful business is very doable.

You CAN have choices

a business that is profitable and sustainable allows us to make important
choices as the need and desire arise. For example, I love to donate to animal
rescue organizations and my business makes this possible. Beyond supporting
organizations, I have quite a few four-legged companions to whom I am able to
give a quality life.


you and me, I don’t think my three horses, two dogs, two cats and a goat
realize how good they have it, but, what the heck, I know. I also know I could
not give them all they have if it were not for my business.

your passion has nothing to do with animals. It could be your church, your
local food bank, a women’s shelter. Maybe you are a boomer who is taking care
of elderly parents. Having a successful business would take away many of the pressures
that go along with the care.

What the
business is doesn’t matter. The fact that you can or cannot make lifestyle
choices is the issue at hand.

Not a
day goes by that I don’t have men and women ask me what I do not only to survive,
but also thrive, during all the ups and downs of the last decade and a half.

What I have done
are many things I have done (and continue to do). I have had some amazing
mentors from whom I eagerly learned and willingly applied what they taught me.

have taken extensive training courses to keep me on the leading edge of the
information I absolutely need to know.

have attended conferences and conventions in order to learn from the best and
network with others who are committed to their success.

other words, I have invested time, money and effort to achieve specific

A solid truth
not difficult to understand that if you want to succeed at something, you find
those who have and learn their formula. When you do, success is much more

I have “paid my dues,” I love to share my knowledge with others. I do this in a
number of ways — information products, mentoring courses, membership programs
and live events.

Learn from some of the best
you are ready to learn some great information on business sustainability and
building a lifestyle business check out these two events.

Build a
Money-Making Business Through the Power of the Internet

April 8, 2010
A one-hour
group mentoring teleseminar where I teach you some of my most results driven strategies

Thursday April 8, 2010

5 p.m. Eastern (2 p.m. Pacific)

To find out how to join in on this
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very exciting announcement is the result of one great idea from five
entrepreneurs. Permit me to explain.

Radiant Success Awaits
I joined forces with four of my colleagues. All have “paid their dues” and now
enjoy a lifestyle business. During one of our mastermind calls, we realized it
would be great to collaborate and host a live event designed to teach from our
combined experience those who really want to learn how to build a highly
successful (and sustainable) business.

thrilled to announce the Radiant Success Event taking place in Raleigh, North
Carolina, in May 2010. We made the first announcement a few days ago during a
preview teleseminar. The response to the call and the live event has been
unbelievable. We had over 700 people register for the teleseminar and seats are
filling up for the Radiant Success live event.

you are someone who would like to learn from the likes of Denise Wakeman, Janis
Pettit, Marnie Pehrson, Ellen
Britt and me, then click this link to learn more.

Imagine Spending 3 Days
with Five of the Top Leading Women Experts on Building a Successful Lifestyle
Business at a First-Ever LIVE Event Where You Can Network and Learn Directly
From Us.

 Because we want to make
this as easy as possible for you to attend, we are offering a very special
price until midnight EST, March 9. The event takes place in
Raleigh, North Carolina, at the brand new, luxury Embassy Suites, Briarcreek
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