Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to people about marketing. Since marketing is what I teach and do, it stands to reason this would be so. In all the conversations I have had I realize that often people lose sight of what marketing is. There are some who believe marketing is an action and that is it.


I contend that marketing also has to do with one’s mindset. If someone takes a physical action in their marketing; advertising, media release, online campaign, etc., that is one aspect of marketing. Even more important is the belief behind the action.


Say you take an action to market a product or service with the assumption that the action will bring a result. However, throughout your day you talk about how slow business is or you comment on the fact there is a recession going on.

By doing this you are actually negating your marketing action(s). I contend that our words and thoughts can be equally (if not more so) important than the action.

The fact is, marketing goes beyond the obvious. Put what I have written to the test. For one week, notice the actions you are taking to market your business and then notice your conversations with others and with yourself. Notice your thoughts. Do your words and thoughts support your actions?

An incredibly revealing exercise is to carry a small notepad with you throughout the day. Each time you say or think something that is counter to the results you ideally would like your marketing to produce, put a check mark in the notepad. At the end of each day, count the check marks. You will likely be amazed at what you are saying and thinking on any given day.

If you notice your words and thoughts are counterproductive to the result you desire, take the necessary steps to make them more productive. It is in the awareness of what we are doing that we are in a position to make a change that will produce more productive results.

In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street SmartS Marketer™