Are you seeking ways to gain visibility online? One of the most effective ways is with blogging. The way the search engines work is such that you can increase your rankings by blogging.
Blogging is also a great way to let your market know what you are up to. You can use a blog to write a book; establish market reach; build your visibility; and increase market trust.
To optimize your blogging efforts you need to post to your blog on a regular basis. Additionally, blog with information that is relevant to your market or genre.

To fully optimize your blogging efforts you need to have a way for readers to subscribe to your blog. There are many ways you can do this. One is with a simple and easy to use tool called FeedBlitz. Even non-techies can use FeedBlitz.
You might be wondering what the advantage of adding FeedBlitz to a blog would be.
Let me start by telling you what FeedBlitz is. It is a way for you to quickly and easily reach your readers. Basically, your visitors subscribe to your blog with FeedBlitz. They do this by leaving their email address in your FeedBlitz opt-in box.
FB is an RSS-based content delivery system. What this means is it allows those who subscribed to your blog to automatically receive your information each time you post to your blog.
The best part of all is that people who leave their contact information are indicating they have a desire to get your information. It is yet another way to keep your name in front of your readers.
You don’t even have to think about sending information to the people who requested it. As soon as you update your blog, presto, within a few hours they will get your updates.
It is yet another tool to keep you on the leading edge of your online marketing.
To get a FeedBlitz account go to FB is free.
To sign up for my blog, go to simply go to You will find several ways to subscribe to my blog including FeedBlitz.
Have a great day.
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer