Just shy of two months ago, I made a life-changing decision to go plant-based in my eating protocol. Granted, plant-based eating was not my goal. Minimizing inflammation pain in my right hand was my goal.
What started as me researching, “how to minimize inflammation pain” turned into the discovery of an eating protocol that is nothing short of miraculous.
Thus began an intensive search for anything I could get my hands on (pun intended) to do with minimizing the pain I was experiencing.
I love research. Whenever I need to educate myself, like most people, I go directly to Google, YouTube and social media. I go into major research mode.
My research turned up experts I was unaware of until I found an article, video or blog post they created. When I liked what they did, I looked for more of their information.
The more research I did, the more I realized plant-based eating could very well be the solution to my problem.
Although I didn’t plan to go plant-based, it happened as a result of my research.

Are You a Go-To Expert?

Yet, this post is not about my eating protocol. Rather, it’s about my discovery of several experts who, had they not had content online, I never would have known about them.
People like Pat McAuley, Dr. Joel Furhman and Rich Roll. I immersed myself into their information watching dozens of videos, subscribing to their newsletters or blogs, and buying their books from Amazon.
Had they had only one or two pieces of content available, I would have quickly forgotten them, moving on in my search for other experts to satisfy my craving for great information.

Are You a Visible Expert?

It’s the same with people who are searching out experts like you. Whether it be spirituality, dog training, feline behaviors, health, fitness, building a business, improving relationships or gaining and maintaining energy into your sixties and beyond, whatever you are an expert at, there are people who are looking for your information.
If you have the information available, people become fans. If you don’t, well, they have no idea you exist.
When people have a high interest in something, and they like your perspective, level of expertise and point of view, they want as much information from you as they can get.
If you do nothing to quench their thirst for knowledge, you are missing the opportunity of not only serving your market but generating revenue on the back-end. Keep in mind, I bought lots of books because of my research. That’s back-end money for the expert.

People are Hungry for Your Information

Whatever you are an expert at, there are people who want, and need, your information. But if you don’t post anything, or you post one or two things and then give up because you didn’t get a windfall of money from your efforts, people cannot become fans. They cannot possibly know how much you care about what you do.
You must be willing to put lots of content out to market. It’s really that simple.

Plan out your content marketing

One way to assure you get a lot of content marketing done is to plan it out. Get a calendar and map out the next 30 – 60 days. However, be careful you don’t over extend yourself. If you are doing little, if anything, at this point, don’t assume you will suddenly be the content creation king or queen. Start with manageable goals. It’s better to set smaller goals you can achieve than huge goals you give up on within a matter of days.

Commit to the Long Term

It never ceases to amaze me when someone says, “I tried blogging, but got no response.” My first question is always, “How many blog posts did you do?” with my second question being, “And how did you let people know about your posts?”
The answer is often, “I posted twice. And I thought people would find my post.”
No, no, no! You cannot expect miracles from a couple of blog posts that you let sit stagnant. One of the best ways to get traction from your post is to have the social media share button plug-in on your blog. This makes it easy to share the post.
In addition, you must be willing to put content out to market more than once or twice. It’s like training for a marathon. You don’t train once or twice and that’s it. You train for months, even years. You stick with it. That’s how you get results.

Jump Start Your Content Marketing

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