Can you consume impact your emotions? Absolutely.

Whether it be the roller coaster of blood sugar based on eating sweets, candy, donuts, cakes or any number of sugar-laden foods, or the energy you take on when you consume animal and dairy foods, what you put in your body, comes out in your emotions.

Studies show that those who identify as vegan are actually happier than those who consume animal and dairy.  

I submit that when we are plant-based/vegan, that is the ideal.



Mindless Eating


A great many people mindlessly consume animal products, never giving thought to what it took to get the meat to market.

In his book, The World Peace Diet, author and a 40-plus year ethical vegan, Dr. Will Tuttle, masterfully connects the dots of what we eat and our emotions, our spiritual well-being and our overall health as well as the health of the planet.

I had the good fortune of having Dr. Tuttle on the Plant Based Eating for Health show.

I can look at my own emotional state of mind and know, without a doubt, I have been able to stay very stable during the shutdown(s) as a result of what I eat, but more importantly, what I don’t eat.


Grateful Vegan


For many reasons, I’m grateful I am vegan. First and foremost, being vegan is aligned with my love of animals.

I didn’t always have this awareness. For most of my adult life, I claimed to love animals, but I ate certain sentient beings. It took six months into being a 100% whole food, plant based eater, to realize that, in fact, I am vegan. I began my plant based journey on September 16, 2018.

I was shocked, and very saddened, that it took me until I was 64 to connect the dots. It was during my weekly trip to the grocery store. I was passing by the meat department, and I literally stopped in my tracks, overcome by intense sadness. This was a sadness I had not previously experienced.


Denial Runs Deep


In was in this moment I recognized how much in denial I had been most of my life, not realizing that I had been part of the suffering and death of countless animals based on how much meat, chicken, fish, cheese and milk I had consumed all my life.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In that moment, I “felt”, truly “felt” what my actions meant. It was also in that moment, I realized I could never, ever consume animal and dairy again. Although I had been 100% free of animal and dairy for six months by that point, until that moment, I did not want to identify as vegan.

But the veil had been lifted. I saw, on a deeper level, what my actions for 64 years had contributed to. The inhumane treatment of animals that, for the most part, the majority of people are either unaware of, or choose to ignore.


Ignorance is NOT Bliss


“Ignorance is bliss,” seems to be the choice of so many people. “I don’t want to know how animals are treated in factory farms. If I know, then I won’t be able to eat meat anymore.”

That’s the idea. Ignorance is not bliss. It is ignorance of the pain and suffering we contribute to when we consume sentient beings on any level.

Another huge benefit of being vegan is the fact that due to life today, there is so much that contributes to our high-anxiety and stress levels. Whether it be the pandemic, floods, fires, hurricanes, shootings, or the economy, there is a lot that impacts our emotions.

“You are what you eat,” has long been a phrase people have given lip service to. When you think about it, really think about it, if you consume pain, suffering, anger, anxiety, and fear, you live in that space.

Doesn’t it make sense to do whatever we can to balance our energy?


Conscious Eating


To live a more balanced life, give thought to where your food comes from. Personally, I am grateful to know I am doing all I can to avoid foods that have negative emotions attached to them.

By consuming cruelty free, and not putting the energy of anxiety, fear, pain, and suffering into my body, I am better able to keep my emotions on a very even level.

What are you doing to keep your emotions in check? If you are ready to explore a cruelty-free lifestyle through what you eat, be sure to check out my free eBook, The Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Eating.

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But first and foremost, give thought to every bit of food you consume. The more conscious we are of our choices, the more consciously we can live.


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