Due to over stimulation from the Internet most people’s attention span is shorter than ever. Grabbing and keeping the interest of your market can be a great challenge in today’s noise infested environment.
How do you get through all the noise and clutter when it comes to marketing online?
Edutainment marketing. You read correctly – edutainment. This simply means you combine education with entertainment.
The more you can educate your market while entertaining them the better off you will be.
Avoid information overload. People tend to like “sound bites” of information. Be careful not to waste people’s time with “fluff” information.
Here are five simple rules to get through the noise clutter.
1. Know who your market is
2. Understand what their greatest challenge or problem is
3. Target your message to address the greatest challenge
4. Be clear on your message
5. Use a variety of delivery methods including audio, visual and sense.
Above all make sure the information you provide your market is top shelf. Regardless of whether your information is free or fee you need to keep the end user’s time in mind.
Never, ever waste someone’s time with misleading information. Create information products that solve specific problems.
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