From inspiration activator, to one who lifts spirits with her teachings, Cece Heart has committed her life to raising awareness about the power of a plant-based lifestyle. A wild storyteller, Cece, who resides in Bali, shares her life experiences through the power of unfiltered tales of travel, inspiration, intuition and passion for health and wellness.



She is involved in the dynamic, environmentally healthy tech company, SEEDS. As a heath and relationship wellness advisor, Cece is committed to raising awareness about the energy of live food on one’s mind, body, and soul.

SEEDs is a beautiful concept that’s focused around regenerating the planet. It’s a movement that is about honing in on people that are passionate about the planet in whatever capacity that that might be.

SEEDS is a gateway to a new opportunity to change a lot of things about how our systems interact. SEEDS mission is to support regenerative businesses to give them a leg up to thrive in business.


Environmental Advocate


Cece is an environmental advocate who has dedicated her life to raising awareness about kindness to the planet and animals through a conscious diet.

A huge fan of Dr. Michael Clapper, Cece encourages people to study his works. “As a man in his 70’s, he’s thriving on a plant-based diet. He shows there a direct link between what we eat and disease.”


Rotting Meat is at The Root of Our Health Problems


Cece was not always vegan. Her journey into a plant-based lifestyle began over six years ago, with a slight detour. A nutritionist convinced her she needed to consume meat, even though she had been meatless for a time. Convinced he knew what he was talking about, she took his advice.

Becoming extremely ill due to reintroducing meat into her diet, Cece went on a quest to find the answers for herself.

This was a few years ago, and since that time, she has lived a 100% whole food, plant based lifestyle.

Doing so has allowed her to gain clarity on her life’s work, enjoy the delight of cooking and tapping further into her intuitive nature and spiritual practices.


Intuitive from an Early Age


Cece’s first memory of her intuitive abilities was in childhood. She always had a connection with nature and animals.

“I remember being young and my mom would ask me what I was doing with animals. I was communicating with them. Now, to what capacity, I’m not sure.

“I do not really remember because this is when I was very young, but I do remember some sort of translational system where we are recognizing at least each other’s emotions.”

It was later in life that she made the connection between what she ate and her ability to tap deeper into her intuition and the connection to animals.


The Connections Continue


As with virtually any positive behavior, the longer one is plant-based, the more in tune with intuition we become. It’s a simple fact that vibrant, fresh, alive food enhances our ability to develop intuition.

When our intuition aligns with our values, we are able to more fully live in a way that is very compassionate to animals. Yet, it is not just connection with animals, it is also a connection to the earth, trees, nature and all living beings.

Releasing the need to consume “dead energy” that is a direct result of animal consumption allows one to connect on an even deeper level with all living elements.


Meditation Takes You Deeper


An advocate of meditation, Cece encourages others to develop a practice that allows them to tap into the energy of living food. During one’s meditation time, take a “mind journey” into the process of what an animal experiences due to factory farms. By doing this, your own connection to the animals, elements and all living things will likely deepen.

When Cece works with clients, the first step she takes is to analyze what they ate as recently as yesterday. By showing the correlation to what we eat and how we respond, she is able to open gateways of awareness with her clients.

For example, if someone says they ate a hamburger, they explore the pain and suffering the energy in the meat contains. The extended period of time of trauma contained in the meat often creates pain and suffering in her clients. After all, energetically, what the animal goes through to get to the point of being the hamburger, goes into a person’s system.

Until someone is made aware of this, they have no idea that through consumption, they are wearing the trauma like a blanket, covering every cell of their body.

“If that animal was alive for years, you have years of potential suffering, rage, anxiety, fear that you’ve just put in your body. It’s stored in your cellular level, in your tissues. And now you have this pain manifesting. And a lot of it is that energetic appropriation in the body.

“I really love going on the exploratory journey with people to find out how choices they’ve made are lingering in their system in that way.”


The Joy of Cooking


One of the most profound benefits for Cece is something many people discover when they go plant-based, the joy of cooking.

A true artist with food, Cece has a collection of images on Instagram that are enough to convince even the most skeptical that going plant-based is a thing of beauty.

One glimpse into the amazing meals she creates is enough to influence virtually anyone on how beautiful plant-based meals actually are.


Thoughts on Why More People are Going Plant-Based


The popularity of plant-based eating is a direct result of people realizing there is a lot of choice in what they eat. With many celebrities becoming vegan and plant-based, this has also been a contributing factor.

And still more are shifting their food choices based on health. Regardless of why, the fact it is happening brings a great deal of joy to Cece Heart.

“It’s an opportunity for the veil to be lifted. And once it is lifted, you cannot unsee what you’ve been exposed to.”

The bottom line is this; the longer you are plant-based, the more you will see improvements to your health, your psyche, and your environment. And after all, isn’t that something virtually anyone would enjoy?


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