If you’re like me you love when a client sends you a testimonial for a job well done.
Not only do testimonials influence buying decisions, it feels great to be acknowledged in this way.
However, lots of testimonials and endorsements are useless and bogus.
Here’s what I’m referring to; in the last 30 days I’ve received at least half a dozen requests from people I don’t know asking me to endorse them on their quality of work.
They likely read somewhere how important endorsements are, but what they fail to understand is this; asking people they have not done business with to give them a glowing testimonials dilutes the effectiveness of what is being said.
When I receive a request from someone I don’t know, I simply tell them I don’t endorse people I’m unfamiliar with.
I would be hard pressed to believe anything positive said about this person. After all, how many of the “glowing reports” they have are from people who couldn’t say no to their request.
On the flip side, when testimonials and endorsements are true they can (and do) carry a lot of weight.
Here’s a great example. Recently I made a huge investment for one day with a very skilled consultant.
No way would I invest thousands of dollars for one day with this expert (plus travel and lodging costs) if I didn’t do my homework.
First, I didn’t simply believe “glowing reports” about her. Nope. I did my homework by checking her out with friends and colleagues, did a very in-depth web search, and gave myself a cooling down period before making the final decision.
I can assure you if I found out the endorsements were bogus my investment would have never happened. 
Do endorsements work? Absolutely! But they have to be real and sincere. Otherwise they are useless.
The same holds true for book reviews. They are useless unless truthful by someone who has read your book.
What’s the best way to get a glowing report? Do an incredibly great job while continually bringing high value to your community.
It’s actually that simple.
What are your thoughts on giving and receiving endorsements? You comments and insights welcomed and encouraged.