I’m pleased to introduce you to my featured expert, Gurutej, Te Energy Guru. Something that is incredibly important in running a successful business is a high level of energy. Find out how to raise your energy beyond what you thought possible. You WILL perform at a much higher level when you have the energy to stay focused as a result of your energy.
What does Tony Robbins know that you want to know?
He knows that everything is about energy. Do you?
Funny we are looking at so many aspects of energy these days. Trying to save it and be more conscious of how we use it yet…. our own energy is usually our last priority.
Most days I’m willing to bet you run out of it by noon, sometimes earlier. Then we cheat. You know what that means we go for “the stuff” sugar, caffeine, fights, (the winner takes all the energy). Add your cheating device here _____________.
Energy is always available! We simply need to know how to access it in the moment when we are running low. Do you want more of the good stuff without cheating? Then pony up and do the work; it takes all of 1-3 minutes. Yes, even in the most overwhelmed state we can spare 1-3 minutes. Try it or you will never know how good it is.
We still need the stuff, energy that is, but we are out and there doesn’t seem to be a better hueman gas pump. There is. Are you ready? Take a look at my videos www.youtube.com/theenergygurus
Do what it takes to get the energy, don’t just dream about it. It requires that you be willing to look at your habits, ie what is stealing your energy?   Important to know and acknowledge this. Then be willing to do something differently. Here are some exercises you can do.
You have to do more than read about or watch the exercises. You have to do them to get the real energy I am telling you about. You can have it all over the energizer bunny.
Lasso Pose The energy wrangler
Sit up straight, make fists with your thumbs tucked inside. Move arms wildly overhead in backward circles. All the while, relax shoulders and engage the core to power the arms. Breathe!
Do this for 1-2 minutes
Creates greater clarity and helps in being more receptive; increases heart rate; very energizing.
Breathing is the fastest road to energy, always. It’s the original Red Bull or Full Throttle.
When you are breathing shallowly or in distressed breathing mode, you are literally robbing your body of the oxygen it needs to do all the functions you are asking of it. Your brain gets fuzzy and cloudy and you get depressed or anxious. You overeat or don’t eat at all to compensate for the lack of energy.
Your breathing is the source and I want you to have a totally new arsenal at your disposal. The only way they will become yours is if you practice them. Pick a couple and do them every day until they are second nature. Pick ones that are relevant to you.
When you need energy, you want things that are fast, like Breath of Fire. When you want to calm down, you need Sitali Breath or “O” breath.
When you need energy, this is your best friend, not caffeine.
Breath of Fire Instant energy booster
Breath of Fire is a continuous, rapid, diaphragmatic breathing done through the nose or mouth. Inhaling and exhaling are both done equally and evenly. Think of butterfly wings allowing the diaphragm to move easily and rhythmically.
For added benefits, pump with the abdomen while breathing: pull the navel inward as you exhale and release as you inhale.
Do this for 1-2 minutes.
Increases metabolism; excellent in rejuvenating and energizing.
You are what you eat. Junk food does not the hueman (hue=light Man =Mind) fuel; meaning it won’t give you light, nor energy.
Think live and eat live food. Eat slowly, consciously with gratitude and find out how well your food can sustain you and your energy levels.
We all want success and victory over our challenges. Getting crushed is not the choice. Interesting that pressure creates both diamonds and dust. One is priceless and the other almost worthless.
We need support during this time. Really during all times, but now even more so take the support and then see how I can help you in other ways.  Your breath is always there to support you and change your state of lack.
You can unleash your talent be expanding your breath. What are your talents? How can we work together to uplift society now? Lifting the dark veil by sharing the things that give hope. Nothing is more hopeful than having enough energy to feel good to great. Then we can all see what needs to be done next, possibilities instead of pressure. It can make everything  better.
Life with lots of energy allows your creativity to flow, allows you to have expanded thoughts and possibilities, energy allows you to have the calmness to be truly be with others, to be able to listen and care. Also all work becomes much more joyous and easy.
Try this one to calm down before a big presentation or meeting, or at the end of the day to relax.
Sitali Breath
Breathe out that stress…
Roll the tongue and stick it past your lips. If you cannot roll it, just make an “O” shape with your mouth, with the tongue protruding slightly beyond the lips. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nose, emptying the lungs all the way.
Do this for 1-2 minutes.
The best anti-stress breathing available; the breath passing over the wet tongue creates a cooling effect.
Let’s give ourselves a big bonus check. Do you want millions delivered to your personal account? Then do one of these Energy Guru exercises and claim your dividends. Millions of cells will rejoice.
Gurutej is known as the Energy Guru you can access her and a gift from her at www.gurutej.com and sign in and get her free ebook on energy tips.