Virtually any entrepreneur seeks effective strategies to gain visibility and market reach. The challenge is many of the “tried and true” methods are so overused our messages become diluted and quit working very well.
“Not another eBook!” seems to be the battle cry of busy professionals. Not that eBooks can’t still be effective, but why not up the ante? Why not really stand apart from the competition with incredibly high value information that others wouldn’t dream of giving away. Nope, they go right into selling, perplexed that they are not generating the kind of revenues they believe they deserve.
Misguided beliefs
The problem with this thought process is until one is established as someone who creates massive value they will struggle to sell their information.  If you don’t believe it, then why are so many experts unhappy with their level of revenue? And why are so many experts struggling to pay their bills?
Because they have not yet accepted the way they are marketing and selling may not be the best way.
Want to make the process of selling much easier? Yes? Then do this; give before you receive. And give and give and give.
So what do you give? Here’s what I’m doing that is working like a charm. I’m giving away a FREE three part, nearly two hour, video series on how to build a successful consulting and coaching business;  a FREE seat into my upcoming telesummit featuring 12 leading experts; and a giveaway of three of my $297 Platinum Package for New Horizons telesummit.
Why would I do this? To create a buzz and generate interest in the telesummit AND to have something to blog about. J
That’s about as honest and upfront as I can get.
Their lurking the hallways
The fact is, with all the “experts” lurking the halls of the Internet and Social Networks your job is to creatively bring incredibly high value to your market – a lot!
I can assure you the recent promotional strategies I implemented are working. Not only am I increasing my opt-in subscriber list with men and women interested in my expertise, there are lots of people spreading the word about how valuable these resources are.
Third Party Endorsements
There’s nothing to compare to third party endorsements. Check out what I mean.  Opt in for my video series and check out the comments under the first video.  Not only will you read about how excellent the information is, you will also be able to enjoy it and learn valuable information on how to build a successful consulting and coaching business.
And while you’re at it, why not tell me why you should receive one of the three Platinum Packages I am giving away. Go to to do so. There’s no opt in on this one.
You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. In return my commitment to you is to continually create incredibly high value information to build your business.